David Noakes first extradition hearing report.

Benjamin Seaforth the barrister is a sociopath, claims David.

Judge made no ruling.  French Judge Jean-Luc Gadale? lied and committed perjury, fraud and false witness to issue the European Arrest Warrant against Linda Thyer, who is on hunger strike in jail in France, as David explains.  Her life is at risk as she has attempted suicide twice.

The European Arrest Warrant is illegal under British law, where evidence is required before someone is arrested. The European Arrest Warrant breaks British Law under Magna Carta section 38.  Westminster Magistrates Court are proud of their work against British justice, causing the death of innocent people.

Court dismisses Magna Carta as something 800 years old.  Why did MPs vote against Magna Carta?  Illegal under British Constitution.  Parliament didn’t open until 80 years after Magna Carta so they cannot repeal it.

Will judge deliver pre-prepared judgement?  If so David will appeal.  Senior Freemasonry will instruct the judge what to do.  Judges don’t obey the law.  Decision from judge next Thursday.

Supportive French lawyers are trying to represent Lyn Thyer, but still she needs to hear from people as her mail has been blocked.  It is now unfreezing so write to her.  Please if you can.  Address given on video.  It could save her life if you do, the woman who saved the lives of so many others with GcMAF.



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