Anti-5G councillors targeted by media

Following on from the headline below,

‘Shropshire councillor was issued with summons for unpaid council tax’

Councillor Steve Davenport says that he has been recently photographed by the media while running a stand at a local food show.   The photographer whoever they were, also checked with the organisers that he had paid for his stand.  Talk about a fishing trip.

With the unpaid council tax in the story below, the property had been sold and the bills were being sent to the property by the Council, which Davenport believed were settled.  These bills were not forwarded so he had no idea they existed.  The Council knew he had sold the property yet failed to change his address.

Under the rules he is not allowed to publicly defend himself.

A similar stitch up of a councillor was the re-surfacing of a road in Oswestry where the pot holes had been treated.  The Works at the Council decided off their own bat to resurface the road as well as fill in the potholes. One of the residents, Councillor Vince Hunt, was accused publicly of demanding and getting the resurface out of privilege yet he had nothing to do with the resurfacing decision.  He had publicly requested the potholes be dealt with as the record shows, and nothing else.  Stories however appeared in the trusty Shropshire Star titled ‘Vince Hill’s road‘.

It seems that once a Councillor starts resistance to the corporations who, in this case, want to push ahead with 5G, they can expect to come up against the ‘treatment’.

Councillor Keith Barrow, who resisted fracking, was accused of a fraudulent property transaction, which he pointed out was nothing to do with him at all, just a property with a similar name to his own.  Yet this story was run in the Shropshire Star and Radio Shropshire for months, after he organised opposition to fracking at the Council.  Such is the world we live in.  He even won a court case proving the whole thing was nonsense, yet as a new opponent lodged a complaint against him running a very similar allegation, it went on for months until he decided to resign rather than live with his name being continually and unfairly trashed in the media.

The Davenport nonsense has been running now for nearly two years.  Haven’t they got anything more important to write about?  Voters should realise that good politicians exist, yet this is how they are treated by the media.  Better to avoid these dubious rags and radio propaganda channels and read the alternative media online.

Shropshire councillor was issued with summons for unpaid council tax

By Dominic Robertson | St Martins | Politics | Published: 

A council cabinet member did not take part in two authority votes because he had received a summons for unpaid council tax.

Councillor Steve Davenport

Councillor Steve Davenport, who is currently Shropshire Council’s member responsible for highways, said the situation had arisen in relation to a property that he rents out.

The St Martin’s councillor was named in a Private Eye report, which revealed he had been summonsed over £738.97 in unpaid council tax, but the summons was withdrawn after he paid the bill in full.

The situation, which arose in 2016/17, led to Councillor Davenport being unable to vote on two matters at a meeting in December 2016.

Councillor Davenport said he had been left frustrated at having to pay council tax he considered was the responsibility of someone else.

He said: “At a property I rent out to someone, they said they had left and had not paid the council tax so I was left with the bill. I actually fought it but I lost.

“It was my choice to opt out of voting, I said “I will leave the chamber” and I did. I was so angry because not only did they leave me with the bill but they left the property in an awful state. I actually paid someone else’s council tax as far as I was concerned and I did not want to do that. It was very frustrating.”

Claire Porter, head of legal and democratic services at Shropshire Council, confirmed Councillor Davenport had voluntarily withdrawn from voting.

She said: “Under Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 a councillor whose council tax payments are two months’ overdue must make a declaration to that effect, and refrain from voting on matters relating to budget requirements, council tax amounts, or precepts.

“At the meeting of the full Shropshire Council on December 15, 2016, Councillor Davenport acted in accordance with the legislation, and excused himself for two papers: Setting the Council Taxbase for 2017/18, and Financial Strategy 2017/18. This is recorded in the minutes of that meeting.”

Big bloody deal!  He’s fighting against the abomination of 5G which will otherwise cost many Shropshire lives, and yet his underpaying an account by £100 in reasonable error gets months of media coverage.  That’s the media for you, just as corrupt as any judge or politician receiving brown envelopes.

5G pushback is huge and growing.


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