Alert of major false flag terror attack in Europe. Ole Dammegard

Ole Dammegard warns us of a major alert terror attack in Europe.  He’s successfully predicted 18 terror attacks in recent years.  The attack coming is of the same magnitude as 9/11.  It’s false flag.

Listen to Ole describe how he decodes the terror attack industry, and the details of the attack he is predicting right now. is behind the attacks.

On 6th October a person of suspicion is heading to Barcelona

@mayoroflondon on twitter mentioned.  Exercise sites are listed – 39 targets in London UK, Manchester UK, Paris and Rotterdam.  October 23rd and 24th.  Operation Sea Eagle.  36 hour ‘exercise’.

A nuclear power plant ‘exercise’ in Sweden.  A multiple co-ordinated terror attack is coming on Britain, France, Sweden, Spain all on NATO countries as is normal.  Pass it on. And it might be pulled.

If you see so-called security drills, film them immediately and get the footage out on the net.  Get the information on the net.  It will either stop the operation, or if the world knows it’s coming, the blowback will be massive, and the political objectives will not be achieved.

It’s to stir up racial hatred between Moslems and Christians to get wars going, requiring martial law.  They will use it as an excuse to take control of the internet, and limit internet freedom.



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