The Lies Spun About Measles

When public health officials and doctors don’t tell the truth, people eventually find out.

Fisher has written an excellent and in-depth commentary on the history of measles, “What’s Going on With Measles? The Science and Politics of Eradicating Measles,” published May 25, 2019.34 If you’re worried about measles, it’s highly recommended reading. Fisher explains:

“I grew up in the ’50s and ’60s. I had measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and so did all of my friends and my family. There wasn’t the fear of these childhood diseases that there is today … In the early 1960s, you had very influential, powerful public health officials and physicians in this country acknowledging that measles was really a moderate illness.

It did not cause widespread injury and death. They didn’t just say it once. They said it multiple times, including before they decided to bring out the first measles vaccine. This is in the literature. It is contemporary descriptions in the ’50s and ’60s of what measles was like.

How did we go from that description to what we have today, which characterizes measles as one of the biggest threats to humanity? It’s irresponsible. When public health officials and doctors don’t tell the truth, people eventually find out [about it].

And then what happens? They lose trust in what doctors and public health officials say. Well, they should because they’ve been lied to. I know from personal experience. I came from a medical family. I trusted doctors and science. I believed what I was told. I didn’t question vaccines. My son had a reaction to his fourth DPT shot. I was shocked that I hadn’t been told the truth.

When I did this research on the history of measles and measles vaccine, I was blown away again by the fact that there was no transparency now about the real facts about this disease and the real facts about the risks associated with the vaccines, and also the effectiveness.

They knew from the very beginning, with the first killed and live virus measles vaccines, that the measles vaccines were not always blocking infection and that you could get atypical measles or have no symptoms and still transmit. They knew this …

They are only digging the hole deeper for people to not trust what they say. All along the way, they kept moving the goalpost in terms of how many people would have to be vaccinated in order for there to be herd immunity.”

How Unvaccinated Individuals Strengthen Herd Immunity

Originally, the idea was to eliminate the measles virus entirely. Yet the concept of herd immunity has always involved a combination of temporary vaccine-acquired immunity and naturally acquired immunity.

When you’re vaccinated, you can get asymptomatically boosted by coming in contact with the wild-type virus via people who are actively infected, and this is actually the best type of booster. But as noted by Fisher, we’ve chosen instead to manipulate the immune system of our children in an atypical way, through the administration of vaccines and vaccine booster shots, doing everything possible to prevent natural infection.

Can we honestly say that it has resulted in better public health? “I would argue it has not,” Fisher says. By virtually eliminating the longer-lasting natural immunity offered by natural infection with wild-type measles virus, we now have a population that is more vulnerable to infection — not less. Fisher explains:

“What the medical literature shows is that baby boomers and the generation before us acquired natural immunity, which is qualitatively superior. It’s longer lasting than vaccine-acquired immunity. We have been helping what looks like vaccine-acquired herd immunity.

We never were vaccinated, but we are contributing to the concept of what looks like vaccine-acquired herd immunity. When we die, you won’t have that barrier anymore. They know that.35,36

Vaccine-acquired immunity is not the same as naturally acquired immunity. That has been the problem from the very beginning with the creation of these vaccines. They have never understood how to make vaccines mimic naturally acquired immunity exactly.37

I think the most shocking part, whenever I go into the medical literature, is understanding how much they do not know about the functioning of the immune system, about how infections confer immunity and how vaccines stimulate artificial immunity.”38

Vaccine Makers Have No Liability

The vaccine industry is a significant profit center, making tens of billions of dollars each year — certainly enough incentive to continue the suppression of critics. But the real driver is the fact that in the U.S. today, vaccine makers have no financial liability for the harm caused by their products.

In any business, you have to balance financial threats and opportunities. In the case of vaccines, virtually all threats to the business have already been eliminated — with the exception of open public discussion about potential risks and failures of the product as well as the ability of the consumer to refuse to buy and use the product.

Financially, the federal government recommends and state governments mandate use of vaccines and, as of 2011 when the U.S. Supreme Court majority ruled that FDA licensed vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,” giant pharmaceutical companies marketing mandated vaccines in the U.S. have faced no risk whatsoever when their products cause injury or death.

“When the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was passed … the companies still had liability,” Fisher says. “They had liability for design defect, [meaning] failure to make a vaccine safer. Also, the doctors had liability in 1986. Companies and doctors could be liable in civil court.

People could also choose to go to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VCIP) run by the federal government. We also got safety provisions in that law — the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) system, the vaccine information statements, the duty to write down vaccine names and manufacturers’ names and lot numbers in the medical record.

There were a lot of things that happened in that law, not the least of which was government acknowledgment that vaccines can injure and kill. But what happened after that law was passed?

In 1987, the medical trade associations very quietly, without us knowing about it, got an amendment attached to a budget bill. At the end of 1987, they gave the doctors liability protection.

Then, over the succeeding decades, Congress looked the other way while federal agencies and rulemaking authorities gutted that law — gutted the compensation provisions, gutted the safety provisions — and Congress itself added amendments at the behest of the [vaccine] companies and the medical trade associations.39

This law that is in place today isn’t recognizable to the law that we worked on in the 1980s. It’s been a huge betrayal of the public trust. It’s a lesson learned. It’s very difficult to get justice or to get a fair law over the long term when you’re dealing with politicians who get great sums of money from the pharmaceutical industry.”40

Do You Agree Your Child Is Expendable for the Greater Good?

As noted by Fisher, protecting civil liberties, freedom of thought, speech, conscience and religious belief are foundational to the founding and government of the United States. These are fundamental human rights that we must protect.

“I do believe that if people will wake up and stop being apathetic and will get involved in the legislative process and elect people of integrity who will not be bought out, we can turn this around…” Fisher says.

“I think we can have a revolution, but have it be a renewal, a rebirth of this country by good people because I do believe that most people are good and that most people want to help other people; they don’t want injustice or cruelty. They want compassionate laws, not like the kind we’re seeing with vaccines, which are not compassionate.

The [vaccine] laws we’re seeing are based on a utilitarian rationale, which is immoral … That is that some people can be sacrificed for the rest. That a minority of people can be sacrificed for the majority … Once you decide some people are expendable, the question becomes, ‘How many are expendable for the greater good?’ …

When you devalue the health of the individual, you, by extension, eventually devalue public health. This is what is being lost. We all are valuable. All of our lives are valuable and to be respected and to be protected. Not just, what the government says, ‘some people.’

I look at this whole issue of how we’re all supposed to get vaccinated to protect the immunocompromised who are undergoing chemotherapy or recently have had an organ transplant. But what about the people who can’t get through the process of vaccination without being injured or dying?

Why are their lives less important that the lives of people going through chemotherapy or having an organ transplant? This is why the narrowing of these vaccine exemptions and the elimination of the vaccine exemptions is so dangerous for people who can’t get through the process of vaccination without being harmed. There are many more of those people than people realize.”

Some Good News as We Move Forward

The once-open internet is now anything but, thanks to Google becoming an unassailable monopoly aligned with the drug and chemical industries, both of which are major revenue sources. As a result, educational platforms are being censored and eliminated. But there’s hope.

I recently met with about 500 other individuals in San Diego for a gathering to discuss the future of the internet, and there’s now a plan in place for the creation of an alternative platform for uncensored health information. Between us, we have connections with hundreds of thousands, maybe upwards of half a million to a million health care clinicians who are sensitive to the censorship issue.

They in turn have connections with thousands of patients in their practice. Together, I have no doubt we will be able to drive people to this new search engine. I’m quite certain it will spread like wildfire. This platform will be every bit as viable and every bit as known throughout the United States and the world as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Wikipedia.

People will know that if you want the truth about health — we’re not going to focus on anything else — this is the place. Because conventional media, the internet through Google, Facebook, YouTube and all the rest are going to be under strict control.

Support NVIC Today!

Ten years ago, I listened to an audiotape of a vaccine conference where Barbara Loe Fisher was speaking. Her dedication and passion inspired me to get involved and to support the NVIC on an ongoing basis. As a Health Liberty partner, the issues facing NVIC are highlighted for an entire week each year, during which we ask for your support.

We hope you’ll help us fight this tyranny because, clearly, the tip of the spear of the oppression of vaccine information is aimed at the NVIC and others who are trying to present the truth and are concerned about vaccine safety.

During this Vaccine Awareness Week, I will match your donation to the NVIC dollar for dollar, to help this invaluable organization receive the funds they need to continue this important public service work.


2 Responses to “The Lies Spun About Measles”

  1. kendrickdm says:

    The important questions of vaccines is not if they cause autism/sepsis it is efficacy, in that the measles virus does not mutate, we have had UNIVERSAL NHS measles vaccination in the UK since 1968 therefore would have 100% eradicated the disease within the 1st 10 years.

    We have therefore already if the vaccines worked as claimed defeated the measles virus decades ago. Universal vaccination became unnecessary and any deaths or disability due to universal vaccination immune disorders were also completely unnecessary, because the expense and risk should have been transferred upon people who entered the UK if the vaccinations were effective in the late 1970’s, they should have required a personal vaccination passport to enter the UK transferring the risks and expense to the vector of reintroducing the disease rather than a permanently vaxxed population allowing the travel and transport sector zero costs.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Measles is rarely fatal. Yet the MMR kills/cripples many children. It’s purely a money making scam.

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