The Boris Myth

Boris Johnson speaking at the UN last night

Did you see Boris Johnson yesterday? Beset by troubles, attacks coming in from all sides, subject to that “devastating” (copyright all journalists) Supreme Court judgment, he was the epitome of good cheer and grace in his public utterances.

Unflappable and calm, carrying gamely on with his mission to get the UK out of the EU by October 31, his demeanour must drive his many critics to distraction.  Patrick O’Flynn in Telegraph.

TAP – Either that or he knows the agenda and is acting out his part in a cabal planned collapse in British democracy.   Churchill knew there was a higher cabal running WW2, and many events were faked/planned and choreographed.  Courage is not so hard to manifest if you know what’s going to happen.  They refer to Johnson as a Churchill type figure.  There could be more to the likening of the two than most people would be aware of.  The Johnson myth could yet rival the Churchill one.  At least Johnson gives his own speeches.  Churchill’s were given by the actor Norman Shelley.

Johnson’s are no doubt written for him, making it an easy job with great prospects.  He once borrowed a piece I sent him and made it into his own editorial at The Spectator.  I guess that would be unlikely to be a single occurrence of ‘borrowing’ words from others.

Norman Shelley the actor who I met.  I was at school with his son Anthony.

Boris is portrayed as a serial womaniser, to give the public the impression of human failings which they can easily forgive.  Churchill’s drinking and cigaring were equally made use of by WW2 propagandists.




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  1. Derek says:

    I concur with Tap. We are watching theatre, with various actors playing their parts with the populace at large pretty much chained to their seats behind soundproof glass. No-one hears you scream in space.

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