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  1. ian says:

    Personally I feel that even the idea that the spraying is for weather modification is being drip fed via alternative media, and may be false. Why not spray inert non harmful material, instead of aluminium, barium, and strontium that is turning up in snow samples for example. Most of the people that I know are too desperate to remain within the herd to look up and see the haze for what it is. Even suggesting that supposing that the trails were condensation trails, they were still blocking out the sun and it was cause for concern, cuts no ice. TV would tell them if it was a problem!!.

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      Why aluminium, barium and strotium?
      An explanation is offered in this paper:

      “If you were NASA,…. or the “powers that be” and knew the sun was constantly getting hotter,… what would you be likely to do?

      Back in the 1950s, a study … came up with three alternatives:
      1. Use nuclear weapons to blow holes in the upper atmosphere to let the increasing heat out,
      2. Create huge, underground cities to live in until the sun stabilized, or
      3. Get the heck off of Earth.

      The first one was a bit preposterous and could not be pulled off without public knowledge, so they started the 2nd and 3rd.

      …. Alternative 2 is nearing completion.

      …. Alternative 3 not viable and knowing they would be stuck here with the rest of us, and not particularly wanting to live underground all their lives, they needed to come up with a way to make their Utopia on Earth… and that is geoengineering. Change this planet to be resistant to the solar changes they knew were coming and keep their corporatocracy going.

      First thing they had to deal with was the sun getting a lot brighter from the combustion of dust and debris … They needed to come up with a way to create a “global dimming” effect to block off this bright light. Aluminum, a nice, lightweight and very abundant element, works rather well for that as most of our mirrors today are coated with aluminum (not silver). Nanoparticles, distributed in the tropopause (about 7 miles up), would increase the albedo of the Earth and turn the upper atmosphere into a partially-reflecting mirror….

      Next problem is the x-ray bursts….. they found a couple of oxides that did an excellent job at blocking x-rays and stayed viable for a long time without browning out. That was a combination of barium and strontium. “

  2. ian says:

    Thank you tap news wire person who has never appeared before. I will never post again cheers. TNW has never voiced concerns over chemtrails, but hey, now you jump well, you have showed your hand .

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      Huh? I have no connection with this website. I merely borrowed the name to craft a moniker. Tap (presumably the owner of this site) had shown concerns over chemtrails as far back as 2012 (I think) when I berated him for not posting certain info I had sent him. I used a different handle then…..

      • ian says:

        If the sun was getting hotter? Firstly we are approaching a solar minimum. Secondly, whether NASA TPTB or GOD himself, was fancying a go at messing with our sky, it might be nice to see if we agreed, considering that we share it.
        are you happy about some unelected, unknown entity filling your sky with toxins? on an unexplained and unproven whim? well I aint.

  3. ian says:

    Firstly, I apologise for my brusque almost aggressive replies previously. I won’t go into detail, but yesterday was a bad day for me, and I should have behaved better, so sorry.
    I do however feel very strongly about the fact that whoever it is that is covering the world with aluminium, a very toxic metal, is doing so secretly and without public knowledge. I know that aluminium can be used for mirrors and I own two Newtonian reflectors, however the aluminium they are spraying is not polished. I watched a video on vaccines where the pharmaceutical company used aluminium as an adjuvant in their vaccine and when challenged, tried to reassure the challenger by saying that it only contained 18 micrograms of aluminium per litre, at which point a fishery scientist pointed out, that 4 micrograms per litre, kills salmon.
    Alzheimers, dementia, and autism all are linked to aluminium, and are on the increase. We need to know who is spraying us and get it stopped.

  4. Derek says:

    Go and look at the Wikipedia site for Chemtrails. All the government want you to know is there. Or any number of debunking-chemtrail websites – there are many.

    Scroll dow the short page and watch the nine videos, though you can skip the last. Dr. Petersen’s presentation is good, and Kristen Meghan (ex-USAF) is tops.
    Then compare with Wikipedia.

    • ian says:

      Yes excellent Derek, as is Dane Wiggington’s site at
      It can be difficult sometimes, as I’ve tried to point out trails spreading relentlessly over the sky, to otherwise smart people, just to see the vacant, what am I looking for look on their face. It is like that with other things too, that many awake Tap followers know are false like 7/7 9/11 etc etc. Social conditioning, Stockholm syndrome, Cognitive dissonance , call it what you will. TV rules for most.

  5. Ouay91 says:


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