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Give a Voice to Shropshire’s Local Communities

by Robert Jones in Baschurch, England, United Kingdom

We are a small number of people from across the county of Shropshire. We care about our county, its history and heritage, but above all else, we care about its people and communities.

Shropshire Council has a highly centralised form of local government. That and the near total domination of a single party leaves us with a council which is vulnerable to inefficiency, poor decision making and corruption.

Our goals are simple. To set up a new independent party which can:

  • stand up for our county;
  • seek election to parliament and to our local councils;
  • govern Shropshire in the interests of local people and communities, rather than those of national political parties;
  • decentralise power within Shropshire, and empower town and parish councils;
  • stand up to big developers who want to exploit our county without a care for the needs or wishes of existing communities;
  • campaign to protect our NHS from cuts and unnecessary closures;
  • campaign for devolution for our region.

There is almost certainly a General Election coming very soon. This is the perfect time to launch our party and spread its message. But politics isn’t cheap. We cannot and do not intend to rely on big donors and big business to fund us. We need the support of the people of our county (and anyone beyond who sympathises with our cause).

Our initial goal is to raise £1,000. This is intended to cover immediate costs of setting up the party and being able to stand at least one candidate in the General Election, but we will seek to raise more and stand candidates in all five constituencies of Shropshire.


raised of £1,000 target



2%23 days left
Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by October 18th 2019 at 8:53pm

With a General Election coming, we are setting up a new party for Shropshire to give a voice to local communities. Help us get started!

Let’s make ‘Give a Voice to Shropshire’s Local Communities’ happen


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