Presidents are just actors reading a script.

Readers have been begging me to do Trump, but I don’t think this is what they expected or wanted. Many have been fooled by him. I really don’t have much to say about this bozo actor, except to say that he has been one more test of the gullibility of the American public—a test they have failed. Even those who don’t like him have been fooled into thinking he is real person. He is about as real as Dudley Do-Right or Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish

by Miles Mathis

First published June 6, 2016

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on private research

His genealogy is a total mirage. I’ll show you where to look. First go to his mother at She is Mary Anne MacLeod. So they want you to think she is Scots. Then click on her father, Malcolm MacLeod. Then click on his mother, Anne MacLeod. She is the wife of Alexander MacLeod, so that is her married name. What is her maiden name? Whoops, it is also MacLeod, because her father is also named Alexander MacLeod. So both her father and her husband have the same first and last names? Did she marry her own father? Also, her birthyear is given as 1833. Note the 33. [Geni also fails to mention what we have to learn from the DailyMail: the name Trump was originally Drumpf.]

That can’t be right, can it? So let’s check the other genealogies. The second listed on a Google search is at But it has nothing to say about this. It stops just short of the Anne MacLeod problem. But it does tell us something interesting: both Trump’s parents died at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Wikitree matches Geni.


That date of 1833 seems suspicious for a second reason: it is too early. I am 52 and my grandparents were all born between 1900 and 1910. My great-grandparents were born around 1880. Anne McLeod is supposed to be Trump’s great-grandmother. Although Trump looks about 30 years older than me, his listed age is only 17 years older. Which takes us back to 1863. So we have a 30-year gap there between his 4th generation and mine. That’s certainly possible, spread across three couplings, but it is upside down to the trend. People tended to get married and have kids earlier back then, not later. And there were no teen pregnancies in my family, if you are wondering. The ages in my maternal line were 23, 30, and 30, and the second two are well above average for the time.

[Addendum February 22, 2017: A reader also sent in this:]

So let’s return to Friedrich Drumpf, Donald’s great-grandfather. Two of his sisters are listed as Elisabetha Freund and Syblia Schuster. Oi-vay! Those are both Jewish surnames. We just saw the name Schuster in my paper on Engels published two days ago. I reminded you there that Max Schuster, founder of Simon&Schuster, is now admitted to be Jewish. The Schuster in the Socialism project with Engels was also shown to be almost certainly Jewish. As for Freund, see Michael Freund, Moshe Aryeh Freund, Wilhelm Freund, Yoav Freund, Leopold Freund, and too many others to mention. So at least two of Trump’s great-aunts married Jewish men. This reminds us that his daughter Ivanka married a Jewish man, Jared Kushner. We are told this is an anomaly, but it isn’t. What is an anomaly is that Kushner admits he is Jewish.

Friedrich Drumpf’s mother is named Katarina Kober. Not only is that possibly Jewish, but it lead to another suspicious scrubbing of the genealogy. Her father is given as Johann, but he has no parents. He is the only one in that generation whose parents are unknown. Even his wife’s parents are known. I suggest the name isn’t Kober, but Kolber. We have seen the genealogies being whitewashed this way again and again. Changing one letter is often the best way to do it. It is the most subtle, so it draws the least attention. Kolber is very often Jewish.

With more study, we find that Trump’s aunt Elizabeth married William O. Walter. That name is also possibly Jewish. We find a William Walter as Director of Jewish Family Services in York, PA. Also a William Walter just buried at Jewish Memorial Chapel of Long Island. Also a William O. Waltermarrying a Cora Neuhauser in Lebanon, PA, in 1924. That name is also probably Jewish. And most


curiously, a William Walter, Esq. listed in the Jewish Missionary Intelligence of June, 1896. More research discovers his firm were the honorary stockbrokers of this London Jewish society in 1900. That is interesting because it directly ties to my previous paper on Friedrich Engels and Robert Owen. Owen’s brother in-law was James Haldane Stewart, who worked for the Jews’ Society in the 1830s and 40s, a precursor of this Jewish Missionary Intelligence. At any rate, this may be our William Walter or his father, given that date. His father is scrubbed at Geni. The names Walter and Walters were chosen by Jews entering the US, as a new name, as we see from Barbara Walters. Her father Louis Walters was original Louis Abrahams.

[In later papers on Spotlight and on the Nazis, I found a possible genealogical link between Trump and top Nazis. Wiki and Geni admit Donald Trump is related to the famous Heinz family. Marty Baron, editor of the Boston Globe, is listed at as the son of Howard Naftali (Heinz) Baron. We aren’t told what the Heinz stands for there, but it isn’t his mother’s maiden name, since she is a Kohane (probably a variation of Cohen). I guess we are supposed to think it is just his nickname, but how do you get Heinz from Howard or Naftali? His grandfather is Naftali Herz Kohane, so I thought maybe he got the Heinz from Herz. Is that possible? Well, there is a Heinz Herz, b. 1907, famous German historian, so let’s study him. He has a Wiki page in German. There, his father is given as “evangelical pastor” Johannes Heinrich Herz, but suspiciously no mother is given. However, they all but admit Heinz was Jewish when they tell us he was denied habilitation during the Nazi era. Why else would he be denied advancement? Are we supposed to think he was a Gypsy? Even stranger, they admit he was a NSDAP party member since 1938. What? A party member, but denied habilitation during the Nazi era? Could this bio be any more contradictory? I take both facts as indication he was Jewish, for reasons you now understand. If we search for his genealogy, we find nothing, but we do find a Heinz Herz from 1923 in Germany. His mother is listed as an Arensberg, which is Jewish. More indication is that he worked in a bank early on—which may have been a family bank. This also reminds us that in German, Heinz is normally a given name, not a surname. But that still hasn’t given us any link between the Heinz family and the Herz family. It certainly doesn’t indicate Heinz is a variation of Herz. So I appear to have hit a deadend. One of my hunches finally died on the vine. Or did it?

If we take Henry John Heinz back several generations, we come to Johann Georg Heinz. He married Anna Henninger, daughter of Nicholaus Henninger. This rings a bell because Himmler’s paternal great-grandfather was really a Hettinger. His grandmother was the Himmler, which means the names were switched at this point. Himmler should be a Hettinger. Either way, we have Hettingers and Henningers. Could they be the same family? If they are, then I will have linked Trump to Himmler by another route. In fact, they are linked, as we find at these pages for the Oberst family. Those pages are worth studying, since we find links to many curious surnames, including Lanza. Remember Adam Lanza, alleged shooter at Sandy Hook? We also find Schicks, Ackermans, Görungs (Görings),Hammers, Kaisers, Rudolphs, Zimmermans, Brecht(el)s, Jungs, Barths, Meyers, Webers, Vaughans,Brauns, Vogels, Feils, Hoffmans and Mullers. But the first sign of Henninger we get is whenElisabeth Oberst marries Johann Henninger in 1825 in Unterowisheim, Baden. Both are of that town. In 1849, Susanna Oberst marries Jacob Hettinger of. . . wait for it. . . Unterowisheim, Baden. In 1851,Michael Oberst marries Katarina Henninger, again in Unterowisheim, Baden. In the 1920s, an Olga Obrist marries an Edward Hedinger. I suspect these are all variants of the same name, but even if they aren’t, we have just linked the Henningers and Hettingers through the Obersts. They are from the same town in the same years, and are linked to all these obviously Jewish families. To salt that in, we also get the Görings and Brauns and Hoffmanns. Also the Schicks. Hitler’s grandmother was a Schicklgruber, remember? So not only have we just linked Trump to Himmler, we have linked Himmler to Göring, Braun, and Hitler. All these people now look like cousins. Yes, the links I have uncovered are from the 19th century, more than 150 years ago. But historically, that isn’t that long ago.


My great-grandparents, whom I met in person, were born in the 1880s, and I am in my early 50s.

I will be told I have linked some Henningers and Hettingers, but we have no proof they are the same people. But we do. We just found the Henningers in the Oberst genealogy living in Unterowisheim, Baden. There, they were related to the Mullers. Well, if we go to Heinz’ genealogy, we find his Henninger was from Kallstadt. Guess what, Kallstadt is in Baden. Not only that, but it is about 20 miles from Unterowisheim. Both are near Heidelberg, one being about 10 miles NW and one being about 10 miles S. For more, we find Anna Henninger was the wife of Johann Georg Heinz I. His son, Johann Georg Heinz II was married to Anna Muller. We find the same with Himmler’s Hettinger family, which was also from Baden. On Himmler’s pages, the Hettingers fail, but we can search on Johann Hettinger for more. At these pages, we find them in Bofsheim in those years, about 20 miles east of Heidelberg.]

Like so many other spooks prominent now, Donald Trump was born in 1946. That is one of the primary marker dates, along with 1933 and 1947. Bill Clinton was born in 1946. Hillary in 1947. Who else was born in 1946? David Lynch. Malcolm MacLaren. Gene Siskel. Karen Silkwood. Charlotte Rampling. Alan Rickman. Liza Minnelli. Timothy Dalton (James Bond). Tim Curry. John Waters. Candice Bergen. Robert Jarvik. Reggie Jackson. Cher. Robert Reich. Michael Milken. George W. Bush. Sly Stallone. Linda Ronstadt. Keith Moon. Bob Beamon. Barry Gibb. Freddie Mercury. Tommy Lee Jones. Oliver Stone. Andrea Dworkin. Catherine MacKinnon. Tim O’Brien. Christine Todd Whitman. Justin Hayward. Susan Sarandon. Suzanne Somers. Richard Carpenter. Pat Sajak. Robert Mapplethorpe. Gram Parsons. Sally Field. Terence McKenna. Judy Woodruff. Ted Bundy. Gianni Versace. Patti Duke. Steven Spielberg. Eugene Levy. Robert Urich. Susan Lucci. Jimmy Buffett. Edgar Winter. Marianne Faithfull. Patti Smith. Diane von Furstenberg. Craig Venter.

How many red flags can you count there? I have outed some of those people in previous papers and others simply out themselves. We might think Intelligence had some sort of incubation laboratory in 1946-47, where many of these people were raised from the egg to play the parts they later played. One way or another, I believe they did, though I can’t tell you a specific scenario. Occam’s Razor tells me it probably wasn’t the more sci-fi scenarios were are sold by some conspiracy theorists, although I don’t rule any of those out. My gut tells me they are just products of a planned community, not much more esoteric than the way the Russians used to produce ballerinas. In other words, there are definite signs of a program, but I lean to the low-tech alternatives until I see strong indications otherwise. According to my research so far, these people and most other famous people were culled from the richest families —a majority of them Jewish—and then trained mainly as actors. If they had some talent, great, but as the century wore on that became pretty much superfluous. They only had to pretend to be musicians or artists or scientists or whatever. Intel found that almost no one could tell the difference. The bios of most of these people are completely manufactured, and they are nothing but actors. They haven’t done most of what you are told they have and if they have money they didn’t get it by earning it.

Who died in 1946? William Joyce, alleged Nazi propagandist, but probably related to James Joyce. Both their genealogies are scrubbed and both look like spooks. William’s bio simply screams “agent!” Wilhelm Souchon, German admiral, died 1946. We have seen him recently as the admiral at Kiel during the fake mutiny that ended WWI. Bo Gu, Chinese Communist alleged to have died at age 38 in a plane crash. John Maynard Keynes, spook economist. Bruno Tesch, supposedly hanged for inventing Zyklon B. However, Zyklon B was just hydrogen cyanide, which had been invented in the 1700s. Strange that the bosses and owners at I. G. Farben weren’t hanged.* Neither were the bosses and owners at DuPont and Standard Oil, who were in a cartel at the time with Farben. As Wiki tells us:


Of the 24 directors of IG Farben indicted in the so-called IG Farben Trial (1947–1948) before a U.S. military tribunal at the subsequent Nuremberg Trials, 13 were sentenced to prison terms between one and eight years, but most were quickly released and several became senior industry executives in the post-war companies that split off from IG Farben and other companies.

Notice not only the admission that all these guys skated, but also the numerology. Tesch wasn’t hanged. His death was faked as a trial offering, to make it look like something was being done.

The same can be said for Ion Antonescu, whose bio is—like every other one I have studied—a joke. It would take another long paper to prove that, but notice that when Codreanu was arrested in 1938, Antonescu—almost his righthand man—resigned in support of him and was a celebrity defense witness at both his trials. Although we are told Codreanu was “discreetly” murdered by Gendarmes, Antonescu mysteriously skated, only being reassigned to the Third Army. In 1940 he was put under house arrest, but was “aided to escape by socialite Alice Sturdza”. Really? Sturdza was actress connected to Romanian Intel. So we have many indications in the early bio that Antonescu was not who we were told he was. Within months of this fake escape he was supposedly installed as Prime Minister by the Nazis, with the consent of Carol. Which begs the question: why did Carol have Codreanu murdered but not Antonescu? None of this makes any sense.

Gertrude Stein also allegedly died in 1946, and I have already outed her in a previous paper.
Hermann Goring supposedly committed suicide in 1946. Alfred Rosenberg was allegedly executed.

Julius Streicher, ditto. And so on ad nauseum.

quick, Donald, how big is your dick?

But back to Trump. In his biography The Art of the Deal, Trump lied about his grandfather’s country of origin, stating it was Sweden instead of Germany. So if you think these people wouldn’t lie about their ancestry, you need to explain that whopper.

Trump was brought up in Jamaica Estates, Queens, which has a large Jewish population. He went to Kew-Forest School, ditto. Its other notable alumni include Katherine Weber, Jewish, Gideon Yago, Jewish, and Hank Azaria, Jewish. Googling on “attended Kew-Forest” brings up mostly Jewish names. Trump’s father was on the Board of Trustees at Kew-Forest. By the way, it is very expensive.


Trump allegedly went to the Wharton School of Business, a famous spook academy. But we have a

problem there, too. Trump is said to have graduated on time in 1968, at age 21 (almost 22). However, since he transferred in year 3 from Fordham University, it is unlikely he would be able to fulfill the degree requirements at Wharton in two years. This problem is doubled when we are told Trump worked at E. Trump and Son while at Wharton. It is tripled when we remember Wharton is in Philadelphia and E. Trump and Son is in New York.

He avoided the draft allegedly for heel spurs or a “lucky high number”.

Ivana is also Jewish. An early boyfriend was George Syrovatka. That is a Jewish name. Her first husband was Alfred Winklemeier. Many websites try to pass him off as an Austrian skier, but Wiki admits he was a real estate agent. Winklemeier is a Jewish name. Ivana lied about being an alternate for the Czech Olympic ski team. She went to McGill University in Montreal, a spook academy we have run across many times. lists her father’s name as both Knavs and Zelníček. I’ll give you a hint: drop the second “e”. You get Zelnick. It is Yiddish for haberdasher. Clothier. It’s Jewish, too. See Robert Zelnick, Strauss Zelnick, Bob Zelnick, etc. Robert was a fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford. Strauss was President of 20th Century Fox. Bob was ABC News producer. Also Friedrich Zelnik, silent film producer. Also David O. Selznick, whose name was originally Zeleznick, or, alternately, Zelnick. He and his father were major Hollywood producers, David at RKO (which was owned by Joseph Kennedy, remember).

Both Trump and his father ran with top Jews in New York, including Samuel Lindenbaum and his father Abraham (Bunny), and Roy Cohn. These guys weren’t just their attorneys, they were their enablers. As the NYT says in the 2012 obituary of Samuel Lindenbaum:

Mr. Lindenbaum cultivated a scholar’s knowledge of the Zoning Resolution, the arcane document that governs development in New York. As a result, he was able to bend the resolution to his clients’ will without breaking it. And because his clients were major builders and landowners — among them Harry B. Helmsley, Harry Macklowe, Larry A. Silverstein, Jerry I. Speyer, Leonard Litwin, Steven Roth and Donald J. Trump; the Fishers and Tisches and Rudins and Roses. . .

Notice anything about that list? Everyone on it “except” Trump is admitted to be Jewish. Curious, no?



This means that the three remaining Presidential candidates are all Jewish, but only two of them are cryptos. The only question remaining is this: are all three gay? And to answer your question, no, that was not a joke.

Some will say, “I don’t care if Trump is Jewish or gay. I plan to vote for Bernie, so I don’t care.” But these people are missing my point. I have nothing against gays or most Jews. What I don’t like is the lying and the faking. I don’t like these asinine projects being run against me all the time. I don’t like my intelligence insulted day by day. I don’t like this manufactured world, sold as real. And you shouldn’t, either. Bernie isn’t as ridiculous as Trump, but he is just as fake. He is an actor on the stage they have prepared. The entire election is a big stage play, as fake as a Shakespeare production, but not as well written or acted. The office of the President is now fake, played by a bad actor or the idiot son of some billionaire. He does nothing but read from Teleprompters, scripted by guys behind the curtains. Trump is sold to you as some sort of financial genius, but like George Bush before him (the great decider) he couldn’t decide what to order for lunch without a cue from a Teleprompter or one of his other gadgets. If you can’t see through all these people, you really need to check your prescriptions


and dosages.

*In scanning the Farben page at Wiki, I noticed something strange. The English Wikipedia has no page for Franz Oppenheim, a very important person in the early 20th century. You have to go to the German Wiki for a page on him.


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