Kill The Bill. SB276.

#Kill the Bill: SB276 Violates All Rights!
August 27, 2019

In the final week leading up to the presumed signing of SB276 into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom, concerned constituents are rallying to preserve their freedom as medically fragile children will likely be coerced into vaccination despite valid medical exemptions from their doctors. Jennifer Wolff-Gillispie, NHF Holistic Health Director, is in Sacramento representing the National Health Federation and heading up the #Kill the Bill; SB276 NHF campaign.

With more industries and individuals on the pharmaceutical payroll or recipients of lobbyist dollars and promises, medical advice under the guise of public health has become a tool, not to further the health and wellness of The People, but a non-congruent fabrication with the sole intent of lining law-makers pockets.

“Good sense”, it seems, is a thing of the past.  Measles and chickenpox were once known to be rites of passage, yet now they have somehow morphed in the public eye and seemingly become the Plague, yet, it is still the same condition. Where did this misinformation come from? The answer: The ever-increasing Big Pharma bottom line. 

As the public’s fear grows, the pharmaceutical companies have donated millions of dollars to California lawmakers over the past few years, which warrants the question, “How can law-makers accept money from an industry while they are passing laws which mandate their products?” There seems to be a conflict of interest here.

We urge all of California, and all Americans, to hold these politicians and drug companies accountable for their actions. To mandate a product (vaccines) that the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 were “unavoidably, unsafe” is unthinkable. To take away medical exemptions from medically fragile children is reprehensible. If you believe in freedom and equality for all, call, write or email your legislators today and tell them NO on SB276! 

For more information contact:
Scott Tips, President of The National Health Federation
Phone: (626) 357-2181


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