Don’t be dumb about Smart Meters, 5G and the cull. London High St Ken tonight 7pm. Live stream available.

Daily Mail talks of £3.5 billion Smart Meter fiasco.

Today p38 Money Mail.  Don’t be dumb about Smart Meters.

You can get your Smart Meter taken away.  Charge of £120 by one supplier.  Or they can be de-activated.

Bad health device which you must get rid of.

If you change supplier, the smart meter often stops anyway.

They are security risks.  Hackers can find out from them if you are out or in.

Put locks on your meter cabinet if you don’t have a smart meter, to stop companies accessing and changing to smart. (if outside).

If inside refuse access to any engineers who want to swap over your meter.

No one has proved 5G is safe.  Crane’s 5G SAFETY CAMPAIGN is firing up again.

He’s on the road this week.  Tonight Holiday Inn, High St Ken.  Doors open at 7 pm.

The young are the most affected by the SMART technology – and foetus’.  Schools are being targeted.  Cancer clusters manifesting around phone masts outside schools.

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