Boris facing innuendo attack.

They’re getting desperate to stop him, the latest ruse being to suggest that he was shagging someone who was also getting contracts to promote London while he was Mayor.  It would be more surprising if he wasn’t shagging a female who crossed his path, but hey!  Does it really matter if he was or he wasn’t.

Does The Times believe this is the most important news story to promote right now when Britain needs to be sorted out as a matter of urgency?  The Prime Minister’s past is not really very significant in the scale of things.

Shame on the newspaper that wants to drag our country so low.

Do they not know that our Prime Minister has a record as long as his @@@@ when it comes to giving in to temptation from the ladies?  Pulease.  Find us something we don’t know to chew on and make our lives interesting.  This is getting tedious.


She’s cute enough to qualify.  You have to say if he was interested, you couldn’t blame him.   He denies ‘impropriety’!!  What would be improper about taking an interest in a pretty woman?  What do they want?  Paedophiles.

Dont answer that.


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