5G. The stupidest idea in the history of the planet.

The Green Party thinks 5G is a good idea.  Remember that next time you think of voting.

Two men appeared at the Bournemouth meeting admitting they’d come to heckle at a conspiracy nutter.  Within fifteen minutes they were quite sure they’d made a big mistake.

There is not a single study showing 5G microwave output is safe.

The government claims there is ‘very little evidence’ that it is unsafe.  Which means there is evidence that it is unsafe.

West Country areas becoming highly aware and organised that 5G is a massive threat to life.  Totnes has banned any further telecommunications installation in their area.

Government is proposing 5G master phone masts can go up to 165 feet tall, to feed the slaves at lower height.

US Navy now realises that microwaves are very dangerous, as sailors were exposed in the 1970s, many dying since from cancer.  The same technology is being rolled out onto an unsuspecting British public.

This is the greatest threat to humanity in history.

Go to www.ianrcrane.com or www.alternativeview.co.uk

The London event of 5G Is It Safe? is being live-streamed professionally.

As is AV 10.1 in October.  One of the speakers suspects he was recently poisoned, as someone clearly wants him silenced.

Many people turned up to support the Lyn Thyer GcMAF demonstration outside Parliament on 11th September.  Her trial is coming up before corrupt French judge.  Many supporters will attend in France.  David Noakes gave a great presentation.  The walkabout was a joy to behold.  They presented a letter to Conservative Party, Labour Party and Brexit Party HQ’s.

David Noakes is being pursed under the Proceeds Of Crime Act in the UK and he too will face extradition attempts under the European Arrest Warrant.  There was never a better argument for Brexit.  More demonstrations are being planned.


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