5G. Is it safe?

5G : Is It SAFE?
‘Short for ‘fifth- generation’, 5G wireless technology promises faster download and upload speeds. Mobile network provider EE, claims 5G technology will ‘provide a better connection in busy places.’The technology has already begun to be rolled out across several major UK cities, including London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow, but not everyone is convinced the technology is progress. In fact, 5G technology is a hugely controversial topic, that has caused mass controversy, with many Health professionals voicing concerns about potential health risks.
In late 2017, Ian became aware that the Countrywide Tree-Culling was directly related to the planned roll-out of 5G, due to ‘Organic Material’ being a BLOCK to 5G frequencies. This prompted him to study the available academic research of the Negative Health Impacts of 5G microwave frequencies. Ian’s mantra is to encourage people to do their OWN research … and his thought-provoking presentations will undoubtedly stimulate further curiosity, particularly amongst those who are already concerned at the pace with which Humanity is being led deeper into technological reliance.’
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Sat 7th Sept 2019 – APPLEDORE – St Mary’s Hall, Churchfield Rd

Mon 9th Sept 2019 – BRISTOL – Holiday Inn
Tues 10th Sept 2019 – PLYMOUTH – Copthorne Hotel
Weds 11th Sept 2019 – BOURNEMOUTH – Durley Dean Hotel
Thurs 12th Sept 2019 – PORTSMOUTH / HAYLING ISLAND – Langstone Quays
Friday 13th Sept 2019 – BRIGHTON – Brighthelm Community Centre

Tues 17th Sept 2019 – CANTERBURY – Spitfire, Kent County Cricket Ground
Weds 18th Sept 2019 – LONDON – Holiday Inn, Kensington High Street
Thurs 19th Sept 2019 – READING – Best Western Calcot Hotel, Bath Road

Mon 23rd Sept 2019 – LEICESTER – Belmont Hotel
Tues 24th Sept 2019 – NOTTINGHAM – Britannia Hotel
Weds 25th Sept 2019 – IPSWICH – Holiday Inn
Thurs 26th Sept 2019 – CAMBRIDGE – Royal Cambridge Hotel

Mon 30th Sept 2019 – HULL – Royal Britannia Hotel
Tues 1st Oct 2019 – SHEFFIELD – Sheffield Hallam University (City Campus)
Weds 2nd Oct 2019 – LEEDS – Shine Business Centre
Thurs 3rd Oct 2019 – MANCHESTER – Britannia Hotel
Friday 4th Oct 2019 – EDINBURGH – The Place Hotel

Mon 7th Oct 2019 – GLASGOW – Merchants House of Glasgow
Tues 8th Oct 2019 – BELFAST – Football Stadium, Windsor Park
Thurs 10th Oct 2019 – SWANSEA – Mercure Hotel
Friday 11th Oct 2019 – CARDIFF – Angel Hotel
BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES: No studies showing safety of 5G - 7th Feb 2019
BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES: No studies showing safety of 5G – 7th Feb 2019
Ebola & the Demonisation of Anti-Vaxx
(First Broadcast Thurs 29th Aug 2019)
HUMANITY vs INSANITY #118 - Ebola & Anti-Vaxx Demonisation
HUMANITY is being treated as little more than ‘Lab Rats’ by a Socio-psychopathic Corporatocracy that is without empathy or compassion … indeed, one might be forgiven for considering this mentality to be totally Alien to the rudiments of fundamental Humanity!
In this extended edition of HUMANITY vs INSANITY, Ian R Crane & Graham Downing discuss the evidence that Humanity is being primed for a massive Pandemic … triggered potentially by outbreaks of Ebola (originating in the Congo & taken to the USA & Europe by Economic Migrants), Measles B (originating from the Ukraine) & forced Vaccination!
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Secure your Seat to help raise awareness of GcMAF suppression & the Persecution of David Noakes & Lyn Thyer 
11.11am at Houses of Parliament

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03.00am – Burnley Bus Station – (Bus stop by Clock Tower)

03.15am – Accrington Bus Station – (Stand 3)

03.30am – Blackburn – (Bus Stop on Penny Street)

04.00am – Charnock Richard Services Southbound M6 – (Coach Park Area)

04.30am – Lymm Services M6 – (Coach Park Area)

05.00am – Sandbach Services Southbound M6 – (Coach Park Area)

05.30am – Stafford Services Southbound M6 – (Coach Park Area)

06.00am Norton Canes Services M6 Toll – (Coach Park Area)

07.30am – Oxford Services M40 – (Coach Park Area)

10.00am – Arrive Houses of Parliament

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Coach will Depart Westminster at Circa 3pm – stopping off at all Pick up points – Arriving back in Burnley circa 10pm

  Sunday 27th October 2019
Advance Tickets £55 
(Incl all Teas, Coffees & Water)
(Tickets purchased ‘On the Door’  £60)
Venue :  Holiday Inn, Wrights Lane, Kensington, London W8 5SP
(2mins walk from Kensington High Street Tube Station – Circle & District Lines)
Brian GerrishDr Graham DowningGary FraughanDavid DuByne; Ian R Crane + Special Guest

AV10.1 will take place on the final Sunday of Britain’s 47 year membership of the EU … or will there be yet further deceit & obfuscation as the political parasites kick the can further down the road?
Who will be Prime Minister at that juncture is anyone’s guess, as the pantomime of politics continues to frustrate a Country that is desperate to shake off the shackles of EU control.
If Boris Johnson calls an election prior to 31st October, there is a very real possibility that the LEAVE vote will be SPLIT between the Conservative Party and the BREXIT Party; thereby gifting Westminster to a coalition of REMAINERS. If this should be the case, it will be prima facie evidence that both Boris & Nigel are simply actors on the political stage!
However, even if we DO actually appear to LEAVE the EU on 31st October, it could be a case of ‘Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire’ as USA Corporatists seek to seize the opportunity to reduce UK Standards to the lowest common WTO Denominator!
Then there is the massive ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM … EU Military Unification!!
Ultimately, it is up to each and every one of US to participate in the process of bringing about the changes that WE ALL KNOW WE NEED TO SEE!

All the above against a backdrop of increasing Climate Chaos and consequent Crop Failures attributable to the Solar Minimum (Maunder/Eddy Minimum); whilst the sociopathic Establishment ramp up their campaign to blame Humanity for this naturally occuring phenomena. AV10.1 couldn’t be more timely!

AV10.1 – Sunday 27th October 2019 – Event Agenda:
9.30am – Doors Open & Morning Coffee
10.00am – Welcome
10.15am – Brian Gerrish : A Culture of Deceit

11.15am – Gary Fraughen : Putting a Stopper in the Bottle of Death : Reclaiming Our SOULS from the Crown, the Church & the Purveyors of Control

12.15pm – Lunch (Not Included)
1.15pm – Dr Graham Downing : DARK MODE – Chasing the Sun
2.15pm – Comfort Break
2.30pm – David DuByne : The Imminent Global Impact of the Grand Solar Minimum

3.30pm – Afternoon Tea
4.00pm – SPECIAL GUEST :

5.00pm – Ian R Crane : The Pantomime of Politics

6.00pm – Q&A with all speakers
6.30pm – Event Ends – Informal Discussion in the Bar with all Speakers
LIVESTREAM UPDATE : Mon 2nd Sept 2019
Back Into the 5G, GcMAF & FRACKING Fray!
Back Into the 5G, GcMAF & FRACKING Fray!
  Ian R Crane | Alternative View | 0779 151 8740 | info@ianRcrane.com | www.ianRcrane.com

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