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I was amused two days ago when I was asked by a Filipino in Manila where I was going to.  I said I was on the way to the airport to go to the UK.  ‘Oh,’ he smiled ‘Ukelele!’  That is what they call us apparently.  Our national identity clearly has many facets, not all of which we know.  Another less well known fact is the English Democrats are now our fastest growing political party.  As The Brexit Party collapses as Boris delivers Brexit, and Labour hits the skids, who will oppose the corporate political agenda?  Here clearly is a possible candidate.  Possibly a little backward looking in outlook, and lost in historical dream that never existed, they are becoming an important political force.  Their insistence on the return of the rule of the law is something I fully support.  The big parties have given up.  These guys have not.

English Democrats Annual General Meeting /Conference

Leicester 20th/21st September 2019


Henry, I would like YOU to join with me and your fellow party members and other English patriots as we forge ahead for England!

  The English Democrats are the fastest growing political party in England and have a proven track record for almost two decades.

While many others have come and gone, we have remained steady and NOW is the time to really start pushing our ENGLAND FIRST… EVERYTIME agenda.

The Scots, Northern Irish and the Welsh all have their own legislative assemblies yet, WE, the English have NOTHING! Not only is this unfair but it puts every Englishman and woman at a serious disadvantage. We say… NO MORE! We want and demand EQUALITY for the English, no more, no less, that is fair, is it not?

So, I want you to take up my offer and get involved in the political struggle for England’s future while there still is time left.

Places are going fast and you must book early to secure a place at the conference the other parties are looking at very carefully.

The English have been second class citizens in their own land for too long. That changes now and it starts on Saturday 21st September in Leicester. Be there, be part of our historical movement and together… Let’s TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats


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