Stress cured in seconds.

When a baby is stressed what does it do?  Suck its thumb or pacifier.

What should an adult do?

Exactly the same – in effect.

Place your tongue behind your upper front teeth against the roof of your mouth and keep it there.

See what happens.

It forces you to breathe only through your nose, and you start taking deep breaths down into your diaphragm, breathing like a baby in fact.

Stress goes away in seconds.  Agree?

With the world as it is we need all the help we can get!

This is the kind of thing you can learn in the Philippines.

I had to rush to escape a downpour and flying advertising material in a typhoon, and foundmyself face to face with a ‘foreigner’ taking shelter behind a pillar.  His parents were European – German and English – yet he had lived his life mostly in the Philippines, born 1955.  His father had handed him over to mountain people to raise while he was panning for gold in Mindoro.  It was there he learned all their spiritual and natural methods of living – including cures which the West has long forgotten.

He offered to take me to visit the sacred places he knows there which I would love to do some time.  They never reveal these places to outsiders.  I could fill a page describing the things he told me.

But one more simple one.  Don’t drink when you eat.  Stop drinking fifteen minutes before you eat and drink beyond fifteen minutes after.  Or you are simply watering down your digestive juices which are needed to digest the food properly.  Do as the mountain people do – not as the advertisers want you to.

These are Mangyan – the same people who raised Michael.



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  1. Tapestry says:

    I met him again yesterday. His father was Germano-British. His mother Spanish-Chinese. I met her too. He looks at the sun at sunrise and at sunset saying he feels calmed by doing so each day. He has healers hands and helped ease some arthritic pain in my fingers from a cricket injury. Everyone has electricity in their fingers he insists. You just channel it into the painful joints and it numbs pain. the whole process is extremely gentle with no pressure needed. you imagine the electricity flowing around your body when you are in an unstressed state, and visualise it flowing out of your body through your fingers as you heal yourself or someone else’s joints by applying them to the point of pain.

    I wonder if the reason so many people have finger joint pain is their phones. I no longer carry one as I am electro hyper sensitive. The environmental health doctor says that putting anything into the mouth (food) switches on the para sympathetic (relaxing) nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system (Fight or flight) switches off at the some time. Better than eating too much to achieve relaxation would be to put a dummy in the mouth or use the tongue technique as described.

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