Once we’re out, who will oppose?

The old parties are universally discredited.  The Conservatives if they deliver Brexit might survive.  But who will oppose?  Is there anyone capable of meaningful opposition?

The English Democrats have an agenda which would appeal to millions of voters.  Yet most have yet to hear of their policies.  I find some of their attitudes and opinions quaint and outmoded, but never mind.  Robin Tilbrook, the Party Chairman, wants to enforce the law on the law-makers, the media and the politicians.  The Tories want all the largesse to flow into their control for their consumption, and as yet show little interest in re-establishing the rule of law.

Who better group than to harry them in opposition than the English Democrats.  They have an agenda unlike UKIP/BREXIT.  Once we’re out, Farage can go back to golf and fishing.

I might even vote for the EDs myself – depending on a few minor details which I’ve yet to check.  But whatever their detailed policies turn out to be, the idea of bringing legal actions to penalise law-breaking politicians and globalist corporations appeals greatly.  British Law to the fore!  The EDs don’t go round campaigning on this issue.  They bring cases themselves whenever they spot foul play.

The party’s got something of Boy’s Own in its public style.   As I say, quite quaint and oddly appealing!



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