New Roundup from Robin Tilbrook

Top Cop says “Muslims Shouldn’t Assimilate”

The UK’s highest-ranking Asian police chief Neil Basu has said that Muslims should not be forced to “assimilate” with other sections of the general population. 

Mr Basu who is one of Britain’s most senior anti-terror officers admitted that Prevent, which is the Government’s flagship counter-terrorism strategy, had been “badly handled” and warned it needed to be more community-led if it was to be successful. I thought that the whole purpose of immigration was to start a new life in another country, which means assimilating, and accepting the laws and culture of the host nation? Looks like we were mistaken!

Schoolgirls to Don Islamic Headscarf for “Hijab Day”

At this rate, it won’t be long until the burka becomes mandatory for all English schoolgirls. 

Non-Muslim schoolgirls in Lincolnshire, England, are being asked to don the Islamic hijab headscarf for a day in November. Ghada Mohamed of the Lincoln Muslim Sisters Forum is organising the event, which she hopes will be taken up by high schools all around the country. How about, in the interest of fairness and equality, of course, Muslim children will have to wear a crucifix on a chain for a day?

Court Strips ISIS member of His Citizenship

The High Court of England has upheld an earlier decision to strip an Islamic State terrorist of his citizenship.

The jihadist’s father, Abdullah Islam, had challenged the decision to remove his 22-year-old son’s citizenship on grounds that he should face justice at the hands of the British authorities, not the Kurds who are detaining him, and to make sure there was no possibility he might face the death penalty for his crimes. The commonsense approach would be to close all radical mosques, deport all radical imams and ban sharia courts. Don’ hold your breath, though.

Officer Injured in Machete Attack

A police officer was stabbed in the head with a machete in east London. The suspect has been detained and has been charged with attempted murder.

The PC was attacked as he tried to stop a van in Leyton early on Thursday. He managed to Taser his assailant while being stabbed in the head and body. He suffered multiple injuries, but the Met Police says he will recover. Muhammad Rodwan, 56, from Luton, is due to appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Friday. Lawlessness, violence, thuggery; that is Khan’s London today. Even the police are not safe from the mayhem that has engulfed our once glorious capital.

Gang Jailed after Acid Attack

London’s reputation as the acid attack capital of the world exists for a reason. With thugs like this roaming our street that reputation will only continue to grow.

A ruthless kidnap gang who poured ACID over their terrified hostage after snatching him in front of his pregnant girlfriend have been caged for more than 50 years. The victim and his girlfriend were attacked by thugs wearing balaclavas in a car park near her home in Maida Vale, west London, as they returned from dinner last September. The hostage was taken to the home of 40-year-old Bradley Evans in Fulham, west London, in the early hours where he was kept bound in a bath for 12 hours. He was kicked and punched and had corrosive fluid poured over him.

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats


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  1. Belyi says:

    Look, if you don’t like the country in which you have elected to live, then go somewhere else. Why should the inhabitants have to change their lives to accommodate your prejudices?

    I’ve lived outside the UK for many years and I quickly absorbed the different ways in the place I live and learnt the language.

    I know it is still Europe but there are subtle differences and it is important to recognise that some things are very different and it is important not to give offence.

    Being free to practise your religion is a completely different matter. I have a friend who is a practising Dutch muslim. She wears a headcovering but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t obey the law and respect the culture in the same way as anyone else.

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