It’s official. Britain is out of the EU.

How do I know?  A woman at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam wearing a smart KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) blue uniform, told me I was not permitted to go to the European KLM lounge, but had to go to the lounge kept for non-Europeans.  When it dawned on me what she was saying (I thought to begin with she meant it was because we had flown in from Manila), being that British passport holders are now out of the EU as far as KLM and Schipol are concerned, I let out a cheer.

I told her that I didn’t know we were out, and I thanked her for letting me know.  Her reaction and that of her two colleagues sat behind their desk was a big smile and laughter to add to mine.  Everyone was happy at the thought of a country escaping from the tentacles of Brussels bureaucrats – not that they could say that, of course!  Captain Mainwaring would have been delighted had he been there.  I downed a celebratory single malt when I reached the lounge.  My family had no idea what I was talking about!


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