Is Leadsom a fracker?

Johnson has just appointed a new Business Secretary: Andrea Leadsom. She will decide the fate of the fracking industry – and we have a small window of opportunity to influence her choice.

This is a crucial moment for the future of fracking. If Leadsom gets thousands of emails against fracking in her first few days on the job, she’ll get a taste of how unpopular it is. Will you add your voice? We’ve already written a template, so it’ll only take a couple of minutes to send.

The fracking industry is already on shaky ground thanks to public opposition. Just last month, over 40 Conservative MPs signed a manifesto which included a call for it to be banned.

And Leadsom can reject the fracking companies’ demands to weaken earthquake rules, and scrap plans to let them drill without applying for planning permission.

That’s where you come in. Thanks to thousands of people like you, the last Business Secretary didn’t cave in to the demands of a dying industry. By bombarding Leadsom’s inbox, we’ll show her how unwanted fracking is.

Together we can ensure the new government deals with the reality of the climate emergency.

Best wishes,

Fiona and the fracking team


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