European human trafficking gangs operating in UK

Organised Lithuanian Gang Jailed

A gang of organised Lithuanian criminals have been jailed for their part in a plot to steal high value vans to order.

Two of them – Vytautas Cernauskas, 37, and Mindaugas Zabiela, 35 – flew into the UK the night before they stole one Mercedes van and tried to steal another. They were collected at the airport by compatriot Remigijus Ramunis, 37, who had been in the UK for five months, Hull Crown Court heard. A fourth member of the gang is still at large. We cannot get out of the EU soon enough. Hundreds of thousands of East European criminals will have to find another country to leech off and terror.

Preacher wins compensation after Wrongful arrest

In London people are been stabbed and shot on a daily basis, but this is how the Met decide to spend their time: arresting Christian preachers.

A Christian preacher has been awarded a compensation payment of £2,500 after his Christian views and driven four miles away by police officers in a wrongful arrest. Oluwole Ilesanmi aged 64 was accused of being Islamophobia when he was preaching outside Southgate Tube station in London in February of 2019. The Met Police should come out apologise properly and respect the judgement of the court, not make excuses!

Trump Promises Huge Post-Brexit Deal

U.S. President Donald Trump has revealed that his administration is already working on a trade deal with British prime minister Boris Johnson, which he predicts will boost British-American trade by three, four, perhaps even five times.

The United States is already the United Kingdom’s single-biggest trade and investment partner and most important security partner, but the British government has been unable to supercharge the special relationship with the U.S. with a trade deal because the European Union does not allow its member-states to conduct an independent trade policy. Congratulations to US President Trump. This deal offers hope to other nations who need it. When Frau Merkel hears of this news she will be shaking until the end of her premiership.

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