4 Responses to “Criticism of immigration to be made illegal. It is to be regarded as hate speech.”

  1. ian says:

    If there was ever an indication of things to come, here comes Johnny, clear AF.

  2. ian says:

    Ok so I never watched the film, but, do you want this?

  3. Tapestry says:

    Flying into Birmingham yesterday with my own family, as we queued at passport control we were surrounded by human beings who looked like they came from other countries but were in fact British. There were a few dazed looking originals such as myself but only 10% or so of the total number.

  4. Protestant says:

    An ancient foreign religious concept from the Middle East called “LASHON HARA” is now being forcibly written into the laws of the Christian West as “hate crime”.
    “LASHON HARA” condemns “hate speech”, forbidding their members to talk about their own children being raped & sodomized by their “priests”. Originating with a desert tribe, it was introduced to Bolshevik Russia by that same tribe, who are now forcing it upon western democracies, destroying the concept of freedom of speech. It was also incorporated into the Koran, written by Jewish Yemeni Slavetrader Khadija, first wife of Mohammed, based entirely upon the Talmud. Can you guess which desert tribe it is?
    It is time for us to REJECT the whole idea of “hate crime” & “hate speech” as an ALIEN CONCEPT violating democracy, just like Sharia Law. It is time to say, “We do not consent!”

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