Words and actions from the English Democrats

As the leader of this Party for almost twenty years of turmoil, triumph and suffering, I can sincerely say the following:

We are confronted with the most promising political landscape and future opportunities I have ever seen!

Look closely at the news, the evidence is all around us!

Marine Le Pen is knocking on the gates of power in France, the Trump phenomenon in America is going strong, the Brexit revolution has changed UK politics forever, the AFD are becoming mainstream in Germany, Salvini is turning Italy into a patriot state, Victor Orban is leading the way in Hungary and in dozens of other countries, such as Spain, Holland, Belgium, patriotic movements are growing and consolidating.

I have been involved with the English Democrat Party for nearly twenty years and I can tell you that the situation in England today is extremely fertile for a patriotic movement to rise to great heights.

The opinion polls show that the vast majority of English people are firmly against mass immigration, totally against our continued membership of the EU, cherish our ancient liberties and yearn for an England that is English once again.

Let’s be frank:

We are the only party dragging the elites over the coals.

Brexit Case

We have forced the government into court to achieve what 17.4M people voted for: a total break from the EU. Our Brexit case is still ongoing, but we need your help to see the fight through to the end:

Facebook Free Speech Case

Facebook, the anti-free speech tech giant, is also in the dock after we issued them with papers to appear in court after I was banned from their platform. Why was I banned, I hear you ask: I posted about our High Court Brexit case against the traitor Tory government.

Labour Corruption Case

We are also tackling Labour corruption. After it was discovered that Barnsley’s Labour MP Dan Jarvis had engaged in electoral fraud, we immediately launched a case against him and his Labour cronies.

There is no one else in English politics that stands opposed to uncontrolled immigration, political correctness and will fight for equality for the English!

Not only are we confronted with promising and unparalleled political opportunities, but we are undergoing a period of rapid growth.

However, this promising and exciting situation can be squandered if we don’t take full advantage of it.

With a bit of sacrifice from our supporters, The English Democrats could quickly become a major player in English politics!

We owe it to our heroic war heroes who gave their lives in two World Wars for our survival to seize this unparalleled political opportunity with both hands!

Please inspect our action plan to take advantage of this situation:

  1. We are undergoing a massive restructuring (you probably noticed the new website) but much more needs to be done. Since our membership has more than trebled this year, we need a new membership office to cope with the waves of English patriots flocking to our party.


  1. Plans are underway to MASSIVELY increase our online and social media presence.


  1. We are in the process of REVOLUTIONISING our communication systems. No party in England (or even Europe) will come close to the English Democrats after our system is up and running!

So please, for the sake of our ancestors and for England, please consider donating to the fast-growing Patriotic party in England.

As a dedicated patriot, will you consider chipping in £5 to help power this action plan forward?

I am depending on you Henry.

Please chip in below with whatever you can afford:

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Demo


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