The climate change cull of humanity.

The real goal of all this isn’t merely to destroy America, confiscate firearms from private citizens, eliminate Trump and install a communist dictator in the White House;

The real goal is to eliminate most of humankind while terraforming the planet to destroy life as we know it on planet Earth.

The enemies of humanity are now running wild in the U.S. Congress, the left-wing media, universities and the “science” establishment. They are united in their goal to freeze our planet, lower ocean levels, dim the sun, eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, expand glaciers across most continents, collapse photosynthesis and thereby collapse the global food supply that keeps human civilization alive and sustainable.

The “climate change” agenda, in other words, is designed to change the climate… but not to a climate that humans would find hospitable. I explain more in this podcast below, followed by another detailed video explanation below that.

The bottom line? There is a war being waged against humanity, not just a war against Trump and America. And yes, globalists are complicit in pushing both wars for reasons explained below. Many people will have difficulty mentally grasping the full picture of what is already under way, but if you’re willing to follow straight logic and the rules of chemistry, you can’t help but reach the same conclusion.

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Stay informed. Be ready for anything, because what’s coming is so astonishing that most humans will be unable to comprehend these events even as they are unfolding.



3 Responses to “The climate change cull of humanity.”

  1. Derek says:

    If there is a species of extra terrestial wishing to eliminate humankind in planet Earth, I seriously doubt they would be encouraging the elites to generate Green protest groups to lobby governments to reduce CO2 so as to terraform this planet for their occupation. They’d simply just wipe us out with whatever weapons they might have at their disposal – end of.

    This sounds like another American fantasising through supposition and conjecture, and taken in by his own thoughts.

    That population control is an issue – true, and we are under threat from a source that many are clamouring for – true with th elikes of 5G & 6G whatever that will be, and the companies that develop these technologies are racing to be first for fame and fortune – without understanding the long term consequences. They are also part of those caught in the technological trap.

    As the old Hopi saying goes: “When technology advances so fast that man cannot keep up – the path ends”.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I agree about Adams political notions being beyond the sensible. 5G is clearly a weapon targeted on the human populations same as is 4G and other microwaves which are known to harm fertility and length of life.

  3. Protestant says:

    I just discovered another form of culling humanity, by forced organ donation & trafficking. The British Parliament have sneaked through a new “Opt Out” organ donation law, claiming that all our bodily organs are the Property of the State, and they can cut them out WITHOUT OUR CONSENT any time they choose, if we are hospitalized and they decide we are not worth saving. That includes any foreign visitors who stay longer than a year.

    The new law, which received royal assent in February 2019, says we must officially REFUSE to donate our organs, and to notify our friends and relatives of our decision, in case our documents are “lost”, or our refusal goes “missing” from the computer data register.

    I hope this kind of horrific, demonic, ghoulish totalitarian law is never passed in any other country. God help us all!

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