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Having just achieved a spectacular and unexpected victory at the recent Codex Committee on Food Labelling meeting in Ottawa, Canada where your organization – the National Health Federation – was a key player in blocking the toxic definition of “Biofortification” (which deceptively hides GMO foods inside foods we’d think were organic) from being approved by Codex, NHF now prepares to attend the Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting in Geneva, Switzerland this month to make sure that your health rights are further defended.


People get very upset when they are deceived. And at the international Codex meetings where the special interests behind GMO foods have strongly pushed for a definition of “Biofortification” that would include genetically engineered foods to be called “biofortified.” This deceptive strategy fits in very nicely with the current labeling scheme in the United States where GMO foods can now be called “Bioengineered.” As though they were actually good for us!

For the last five years a battle has been waged in two Codex Committees – the Codex Committee on Food Labelling (CCFL) and the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) – over the Biofortification definition. NHF has reported to you its many efforts over these years to block the deceptive definition from ever being adopted by Codex. At the last Codex committee meeting to debate the definition, the CCNFSDU inconclusively punted the definition debate back to the CCFL in Canada.

At the last Codex meeting, held in Canada, in mid-May, NHF argued powerfully against the deceptive Biofortification definition. And you will be happy to know that we won. The CCFL decided that the definition of “Biofortification” is unnecessary and will not go forward.

Strategically, this critical debate item was raised at the very first morning session of CCFL when many had jet lag, were stumbling in late, or were still getting coffee and getting settled in. Not us – NHF was prepared, in our seats, and requesting the floor to do battle against the giants behind GM foods; all for our faithful members and the 7 billion around the World who would see their health ruined if we lost. Ironically, at the Codex Nutrition Committee meeting in Berlin last November, the U.S. head of delegation had declared that its adoption was “inevitable.” Your own government, if you live in the U.S. was willing to roll over to Big Food and sell you out. We disagreed with him and of course kept fighting. And we proved him wrong!

But it was a cliffhanger. NHF had been debating this definition with other delegations since 2012. On behalf of NHF members, I argued the first time that including GMO foods under the “biofortification” label would be disastrous for consumers. (See my argument at I then argued, among other things, that leaving it up to national authorities would dilute one of the major goals of Codex, which is harmonization of food standards across country borders, and that if the definition were to go forward at all, then it should be without GM foods included within the definition. (See again at

NHF won and the GMO producers lost – at least this time. And that’s what counted. NHF has never flinched from going against the Codex crowd, willing to take industry on head-to-head unlike many delegates there, including the U.S. We are there for YOU. To protect and preserve your health, not to cozy up with contemptible drug-peddlers and their pet government regulators.

The point is that NHF played a key role in stopping a deceptive definition from being adopted by Codex that would have permitted GMOs to be sold under the label “Biofortified” worldwide. Your faithful financial support has made this victory possible.
Every one of YOU who are NHF members and donors can take credit for this latest victory. NHF could not have been there without your support. NHF is Your Voice for Health FreedomTM and we have been protecting you for decades!

Next Stop:  Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting in Geneva

I’ve been protecting you for years, an NHF member since 1986, Board member since 1989, and NHF President now for 12 years. I’ve attended Codex meetings for 19 years straight! Because of these many years with NHF and Codex, I know that NHF IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS ABLE TO ACTIVELY IMPACT GLOBAL POLICY FOR YOUR HEALTH. And this is because long ago I obtained the seat for NHF at the global seat of power: Codex Alimentarius. This is where your health is parceled out, across international lines. I arranged for NHF to speak for you. There is literally no other health-freedom group there at Codex, not even in the parking lot holding up a sign!

  • When Nestle and Big Pharma buy up the raw materials for the creation of the nutritional supplements and water rights, then I know we are in trouble.
  • When Codex aligns with Australia and the U.S. FDA in a global action to dumb down nutritional supplements’ values – the therapeutic strengths that can cure illness, then I know we are in trouble.
  • When insurance companies only cover those allopathic doctors who are trained to a rigid “standard of care” that negates common sense, and act to protect themselves legally while minimizing insurance reimbursements to you, all while you aren’t reimbursed for naturopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists, nutritional therapy practitioners and others, then I know we are trouble.
  • When pesticide use is so widespread that we cannot safely eat any food or drink anything without getting dosed with glyphosate or some other poison, then I know we are in trouble.
  • And when food is genetically modified, flying under the banner of blatant label deception (such as using the word BIO which means ORGANIC in the EU when the food is actually poisoned with GMO!!), then I know we are in trouble.
In short, I know that you need protecting and that is what NHF has been doing for over 64 years now, in many different arenas, and what, with your help, we intend to keep doing. NHF has been working for your health and the health of your family since 1955 – the very FIRST health-freedom organization to go to bat against the AMA and Big Pharma, Big AG, and all the rest.(You can read of our Accomplishments from 2008 to 2018.)


NHF is dedicated to individual liberty, individual dignity, and individual responsibility. We have several major Codex meetings and battles ahead of us. It is absolutely urgent to act – not just to care – right now. NHF is already preparing to go next week to fight pesticides, overuse of antibiotics, and other vital health issues at the upcoming Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting in July 8-12 in Geneva, SwitzerlandAnd after that, there are other Codex Committees NHF must attend, with the same fierce battles for your health; for your very life. We need your help to be able to go to these meetings, to speak for you as Your Voice for Health FreedomTM.

Today, I am asking you to help us once again to Replenish the NHF War Chest for the upcoming Health-Freedom battle in Geneva and beyond. Even though we are HEAVILY outgunned financially by the Drug Peddlers and other big corporate fat cats, and government bureaucrats spending taxpayers’ dollars, we have been able to fight effectively and constantly for your Health Freedom over the decades.

I am asking you to send in whatever you can – $50, $100, $500, $1,000 – every gift will help. Or else call our office at 1-626-357-2181 to donate by phone.

I need to please hear from you today. Then I ask you to please forward this email and share it with five others – loved ones and friends you personally want to see protected and not exposed to killer-poisons in their food.

Thank you for caring and for trusting us to help protect you and your family. We are going up against the Big Players and their lap-dog “regulators” and winning!

Yours in Health Freedom,

Scott C. Tips
National Health Federation
P.S.  The NHF is the oldest & best-respected Health Freedom group fighting for your health-freedom choices, access to dietary supplements, nutritional foods, and for the preservation of the small farmer and organic food producers. With your help, we can expand to help preserve Health Freedom in America, Canada, Europe, and around the Globe.

P.P.S.  If you aren’t a member of the NHF, what’s stopping you? Join today! When you join NHF, then you will get as another benefit our flagship magazine, Health Freedom News, so unique that a Barnes and Noble rep said there was nothing like it in the World. The magazine is eagerly snatched up at every expo & show where it is exhibited, as are copies of our book Codex Alimentarius – Global Food Imperialism.


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