Stop Hunt (and war with Iran) winning by the back door

Dear Supporter, 
The time has come for all Conservative Brexiteers to back Boris Johnson as the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.
Through our Blue Wave initiative, we have helped recruit over 30,000 new members to the Conservative Party in an attempt to make it conservative once again.
With the binary choice we are faced with, Boris is by far the most committed to delivering Brexit come what may, as quickly as possible. We must take him at his word and help him deliver our independence which has already been three years delayed.
In this evening’s interview with Andrew Neil, Jeremy Hunt once again refused to commit to getting Britain out before October 31. He wouldn’t even commit to ensuring Brexit is delivered before the end of the year. As Mr Neil so aptly put it, he is “Theresa in trousers” and simply cannot be trusted to respect the referendum result.
Boris is a proven winner – beating Labour twice in London is no mean feat. Behind the exterior he is an intelligent, driven and dedicated politician who must now be given the chance to deliver on the promises made during the referendum campaign.
It is our understanding that turnout to date has been low. Conservative members cannot miss this opportunity to have their voices heard and risk leaving us with Jeremy or Jeremy in the next general election.
So we urge all Conservative members to ensure they return their ballot papers as soon as possible and back Boris. At this critical point in our history and facing a parliament packed to the rafters with Remainers, he is the man willing to keep the Brexit dream alive.

We also encourage everyone to show their support by sending Boris a message of support.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team


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