More cancer deaths around mobile phone masts

Not a week goes by without another person reported as dying when a cellphone mast is erected near their home.  This is in the Philippines. I heard of another case today.  The province people used to say that cancer was a rich person’s disease, and there were few cases away from the big cities.  As the number of masts increases nationwwide, and these are not yet 5G by the way, people are dying.  The evidence is only anecdotal, but it tallies with the information coming from the UK where the rate of death is rising for the first time in a hundred years.

People should start to take emfs seriously as the biggest threat to their health everywhere.  Don’t sit on your phone idly playing/surfing.  Only use them when it’s essential.  Get rid of the things if you can.  I have.

Get an emf meter instead from ebay – an acoustimeter from EMFields is as good as any, although there are others.  You need to cover 200,000 MHz up to 8 GHz.  Below 200,000 MHz will be important to check also but that’s your electric wiring, not your exposure to RF – radio frequencies.

Work out how badly affected your environment is.

BenQ Corporation

Then work out defences.

We switched off our wifi and now send the internet around the electric circuit rather than via wifi.  Our beds are covered in silver bobbinet and I cover myself in the car with the same as we go round town where there are now many masts (and on aircraft).  Check out your social clubs, shopping malls and work out which cafes are safer than others, which chairs and areas are highly affected and avoid them

At work get rid of cordless phones (and at home). These have very high continual outputs unless you have the Siemens model which only broadcasts during actual calls..  If you have to go further to get safe, install copper mesh in your walls, and roof spaces and earth all incoming RF into the ground.  This sounds over the top, but you are fighting for your life, your health and fertility.  If you think a new car is more important than that then please redesign your thinking and quickly.

If you are already teetering on the edge with headaches, poor sleep, depression and a poor immune response to illness, then rest assured, 5G will finish you off.  It’s time to take wifi very seriously and your phone useage – if you care about your life and that of the people around you.

Schools are being targeted.  Wifi and teachers’ mobile phones in classrooms are delivering 6 volts a metre into kids’ bodies.  Masts just outside schools or sometimes even within schools are raising milliwatts per square metre to readings in the tens of thousands.  The EU states that this should not be above 100 in schools.  Yet telecoms companies are firing thousands of times more than this straight into kids playing outside.

The Head Teachers would rather die (Literally) than admit what is being done to the children supposedly in their care.  Parents must get active and challenge their schools to fight for the lives of their children before catastrophe strikes.  Teachers these days are simply bureaucrats terrified of offending the power structures that employ them.  They seem to have no heart (as they are so suppressed).  Head teachers are simply the biggest criminals – the most willing to sacrifice humanity so they can hold their higher position of status and keep on getting a nice pay rise.  The lives of the children are not even on their radars – just complying with hopeless Health & Safety regulations and inspections.  Health & Safety ignores this issue entirely, which tells you all you need to know about The Health & Safety Executive.  It’s a con designed to lower your defences against this extremely serious public health attack.

Now is the moment to start getting active and talking to your friends.  The schools you send your kids to will, I can tell you now, not want to know, unless you are very lucky and you have a one in a thousand head teacher who is awake to the threat.


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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    Amazon has this EMFields acoustimeter:

    And another more expensive one:

    Can you please give me your opinion as to whether the cheaper model is good enough?
    I have never used such gadgets so I don’t know what to look for.

  2. Tapestry says:

    More expensive one is more useful if you want to show others what the problem is as it gives readings in numbers. If just for yourself, and you are on a budget, the one that gives only colour coded readings is quite good to warn you of dangers – red the worst, yellow not too bad, green lowish and nil colour meaning very low emf state. I would always buy the more expensive one if you can.

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