Is anything what it seems?

14th anniversary of London bombings was yesterday.  Crane discusses the memory and the falsity of the event.  And explains how the control agenda is being rolled out.  5G frequencies will have effects on all organic life.

As the 14th anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings passes, what could be more perverse than the Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police, Common Purpose Graduate Cressida Dick, laying a wreath to commemorate the victims of State-perpetrated terror? Two weeks after the London Bombings, the then Gold Commander Cressida Dick, authorised the assassination of electrician Jean-Charles de Menzies, who was allegedly mistaken for an associate of the four 7/7 patsies. Download and read this paper produced by Prof. Rory Ridley-Dudd on events that transpired at Canary Wharf on the morning of 7/7/2005 :


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