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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Hi Tap, I hope that you and your family are all well

    Kev Boyle certainly makes an interesting case for Jezza’s vulnerability. But I’m not entirely convinced that Jezza is genuine “opposition” tbh. Who ever is that features so prominently in the main media? Jezza joined the Queens Privy Council in the first week of his leadership of his party didn’t he. Also he gave a, little reported, speech at Chatham House shortly after making it clear that he would “do the necessary” regarding nuclear Armageddon if he is ever the PM. This Establishment brown nosing of his made me think that he is controlled opposition, just like all the other “Labour” leaders have been [most of them have been Fabians of course….]. That’s my guess anyhow……

    That said then Kev has a very interesting blog that I am just starting to explore. His work from March 2019 on the existence of a creator is very thought provoking indeed. There is a 2 hour film at the end of this piece that I have just started to watch

    Best wishes

    ps how are the book sales? I do hope that they are picking up, your book is a great read with lots of important info within which deserves to be more widely known

    • Tapestry says:

      Hi Pete, book sales of print edition going well in first two weeks. In Manila it’s not easy to do much about it of course. Thanks for your comments which are much appreciated. Tap. Btw amazon are listing my book in top 100 business biographies at 88 yesterday. It was at 550 last week. Number one next !!!

  2. Tom74 says:

    Look what happened to John Smith when they wanted Blair in power – and how feigned Blair’s shock appears in reacting to the news.
    And another Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell, almost certainly murdered, and in similar political circumstances to Smith, perhaps to make way for Harold Wilson.
    Then there is Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary who questioned the existence of Al Qaeda – died with only his new wife as witness and other ‘walkers’ nearby never identified.

  3. ian says:

    Yes Tap’, Robin Cook was indeed whisked away alive. From memory, the old lady who owned the house where Robin and his wife were staying, said that she hardly ever saw a soul in the hills round there, yet there were several that day. I am sure that many including TV celebrities who threatened to expose facts that the establishment elite would rather remained unexposed, have suffered a similar fate.

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