Are any of them what they claim to be?

Steve Baker turns down Brexit minister role as it would leave him ‘powerless’ over negotiations

Steve Baker was offered a ministerial post at DexEu but turned it down 

Hardline Brexiteer Steve Baker turned down a ministerial post at DexEu last night as he claimed it would leave him “powerless” over the Brexit negotiations.

Mr Baker, a self-styled “Brexit hard man” and “Spartan,” was an implacable opponent of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement and played a key role in its defeat in the House of Commons.

He announced on Twitter: “With regret, I have turned down a ministerial job. I cannot repeat my experience of powerlessness as a junior minister with the work done in [the Cabinet Office].”

“I have total confidence in Boris Johnson to take us out of the EU by 31 Oct. Disaster awaits otherwise.”

It came after the Tory MP who united the party behind an alternative…

I still see Baker as a David Davis man.  He resembles him facially and they seem as if connected together on a thread.
David Davis is the mystery man of Conservative Party politics, never far from the top, never at it, incredibly well-liked in the Party.
He helped keep out Liam Fox from the leadership in 2005 and let Cameron in, possibly thereby delaying Brexit by ten years.
Are Baker/Davis now willing to support Boris Johnson to achieve Brexit and or will the Davis’ frustrate Brexit yet another time, while claiming to be its greatest supporters?  Baker has an amazing CV for someone who claims to be more or less an ordinary Joe.
In June 2015 he became co-chairman of Conservatives for Britain, a campaigning organisation formed of Eurosceptic MPs.[3] He co-founded The Cobden Centre and sits on its advisory board. He established and chairs the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Economics, Money and Banking. He most notably served as Chairman of the ERG, a pro-Brexit group of Conservative MPs, from 20 November 2016 until his promotion to ministerial office at the Department for Exiting the European Union on 13 June 2017, but resigned from his office on 9 July 2018 following the resignation of David Davis over concerns with the government’s strategy on Brexit.[4][5] The same day, Chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg appointed Baker as the Deputy Chairman and de facto whip[6][7][8][9] of the ERG, alongside Mark Francois.
Read his earlier life here

7 Responses to “Are any of them what they claim to be?”

  1. Protestant says:

    Good question, Tapestry! Yet more shocking news: Boris has not only appointed another Pakistani Muslim as Director of his No. 10 Policy Unit, but this time an actual Trotskyist! “The Number 10 Policy Unit is an elite body of policymakers based in 10 Downing Street, providing policy advice directly to the British Prime Minister.”
    “Munira Mirza was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party UK, a small Trotskyist organisation that dissolved in 1997. She occasionally wrote in its magazine, ‘Living Marxism’, which was dissolved after losing a libel case to ITN over the Bosnian Genocide. The magazine was replaced by ‘Spiked’, which Munira also contributed to over the years. Many of Munira’s ex-party members have become influential in Conservative or Eurosceptic circles since the dissolution of their party, whilst remaining closely associated with each other’s endeavours.” (What????!!!)
    “In 2018 Mirza was mentioned by the New Statesman as a possible Conservative Party candidate for the 2020 London Mayoral election. In January 2019 she joined King’s College London as Executive Director of Culture, leading the institution’s cultural strategy together with oversight of the Science Gallery London at Guy’s Campus.”
    Let that sink in for a moment. She is a Revolutionary Communist masquerading as a Tory, handed top jobs in the British government, universities and museums, and now embedded in an office in No.10 Downing Street, as a top adviser to the Prime Minister.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    Westminster these days is awash with precocious young Asians. I nearly said well-educated there but they are not, just full of modern politically correct wind.

    All of them are chipping away steadily at our freedoms at the behest of their paymasters which is often Israel whether they realise that or not.

    I work in Westminster.

    • Protestant says:

      You are right, though I think we should all drop the term “Asian”, because it unfairly drags in all the Oriental people, when it is really the Indian Subcontinentals (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka) who are busy installing themselves and their offspring into the “ruling class”. And you are right that their paymasters are the usual suspects, who have promised to hand the British Isles over to the control of the Indian Subcontinent, while blaming China & the USA for everything.

  3. Mr Dude says:

    Westminster these days is awash with precocious young Asians. I nearly said well-educated there but they are not, just full of modern politically correct wind.

    I work in Westminster.

  4. Mr Dude says:

    They are all chipping away at our freedoms at the behest of their Israeli paymasters.

  5. Derek says:

    I removed a dead rat from our chicken run yesterday (I had laid poison). What might we find beneath the floorboards at No.10 I wonder. There’s definitely a smell about the whole system.

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