Work with Farage say Redwood and Trump

Invite Nigel Farage to help with an early many deals WTO exit

Now Nigel Farage leads the largest UK and largest EU wide single grouping of MEPs the next UK Prime Minister should work with him to secure an early exit from the EU. He should be invited to Downing Street as soon as the new PM moves in  to discuss the details of our departure on or before 31 October this year. The government should invite the Brexit party MEPs to assist in presenting our case for a smooth WTO exit, adding to government work on ensuring working arrangements are agreed for the main issues in an exit of many deals.

Much of the work is already completed and agreed, including customs, transport and government procurement, but more could be offered and supported in the European Parliament as well as in further bilateral discussion between the UK government and the EU. Both the Brexit party and the government should accept that the Withdrawal Treaty is a no go for the UK, as the Brexit party made clear to achieve their win in the European election. The resounding defeat for Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement, commanding only 9% of the vote, should be decisive.

There is no way we should sign that Treaty or anything like that Treaty, for the reasons often set out here.

BBC – Prepare for NO DEAL and send in Farage.
Farage and Trump look like they’re bloodline relatives descended from Egyptian Pharoahs in their together pictures.  None can be downloaded so Google aren’t on board with a Trump/Farage surge!



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