What has Bollox Johnson privately agreed to?

That’s a good idea, Tapestry!

Wetherspoon’s Tim Martin had some interesting things to say about Boris, wondering what he has privately agreed to do in order to win over the Tories:
“The real danger is that Boris signs an agreement to leave and 90 percent of the current withdrawal agreement gets chucked in there with a couple of minor tweaks to the backstop.

In order to win over sceptical Brexiteers, current frontrunner Mr Johnson would need to be able to offer cast-iron guarantees about securing British fishing rights and control of import tariffs after Brexit,” Mr Martin said.

He added: “The other thing is this October 31 deadline. We don’t want yet more dreadful prolonging of the agony, yet more transition.”
“I don’t know what Nigel Farage’s intentions are, but there’s a great song by the Who (and Roger Daltrey is a Brexiteer of course): ‘We Won’t Get Fooled Again’.
“That’s the big danger – everyone gets behind him and then we don’t get what we want.”
“Don’t go back and try to negotiate with Brussels yet again – I’ve been in business long enough to know you have to know when to walk away.
“I’ve met Boris a couple of times and he seems a nice enough bloke. But if he even dreams of going to Brussels to renegotiate this deal he better wake up and apologise.”


Can you read him?



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