UK – Democracy in name only.

Even under UKIP we had pontification about postal fraud, the only problem is that because we cannot trust our own Electoral Commission to police the system, or the Police for that matter we have to get an outside body such as ODHIR to monitor all our elections, including the leaflets. Our system is post facto and the other party must complain and take to court one side without expert help and the required up to several hundred thousand pounds per offence in fees and costs. Even if they do and succeed, it matters not since a political party can just stand again with another candidate. Electoral reform must be the number 1 Brexit manifesto item, or its all off.

You cant have Brexit without Electoral reform so it has to go into the manifesto and not just be a topic on LBC. And to have electoal reform, those that propose it, must be prepared to never see power again, that is under PR, one year terms, single year candidacy, rotas for the top roles, random candidacy option instead of vote spoiling or Ron and restricted voting to polling stations with ID. With much else which is required to become a Democracy, not one in name only.





As expected, Labour are using their opposition day debate tomorrow to try to lay the groundwork to tie Theresa May’s successor’s hands before May has even left Downing Street. Keir Starmer will use exactly the same technique as the Benn-Cooper-Letwin coup by tabling a cross-party motion for tomorrow which will hand Labour control of the Parliamentary timetable on Tuesday 25th of June. They can then use this day to try to ram through a Bill to frustrate the new Prime Minister’s attempts to force through Brexit before they take office…

The UK’s parliamentary democracy rests on the principle that the Government can command a stable majority in the House of Commons. Labour cobbling together an ad-hoc coalition to temporarily take on the powers of Government with none of the accountability undermines the UK’s constitution as much as a Prime Minister proroguing Parliament would. It is increasingly looking like the new Tory leader will need to fight a general election just to get Brexit through, whoever they are…

Labour’s motion is signed by Jeremy Corbyn, Ian Blackford, Sir Vince Cable, Liz Saville-Roberts, Oliver Letwin, Caroline Lucas, and Nick Brown.

UPDATE: Guido asked Michael Gove’s team if he would continue to accept Letwin’s support, but a campaign source said “All leadership candidates will need to win support of colleagues across the party. Michael has always been clear that no deal must remain on the table.”

Read the full motion below:

Business of the House Motion (United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union)
(1)That, on Tuesday 25 June —
(a) Standing Order No. 14(1) (which provides that government business shall have precedence at every sitting save as provided in that order) shall not apply;
(b) precedence shall be given to a motion relating to the Business of the House in connection with matters relating to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union;
(c) if more than one motion relating to the Business of the House is tabled, the Speaker shall decide which motion shall have precedence;
(d) the Speaker shall interrupt proceedings on any business having precedence before the Business of the House motion at 1.00 pm and call a Member to move that motion;
(e) debate on that motion may continue until 2.00 pm at which time the Speaker shall put the questions necessary to dispose of proceedings on that motion including the questions on amendments selected by the Speaker which may then be moved;
(f) any proceedings interrupted or superseded by this order may be resumed or (as the case may be) entered upon and proceeded with after the moment of interruption.


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