Travelling to Manila from UK wearing an anti-cellphone radiation silver hood.

We arrived safely at our home in Manila, and I’ve got the laptop working.  Emfs on the KLM flights were OK apart from on the leg from Birmingham to Schipol where I was surprised to find that airplane mode on phones allows wifi and bluetooth connections, and the levels of radiation inside the cabin during the flight were toxic.  I put on my hood.  No one asked why, just looked curious why there was a lunatic on board.

We sprinted through Schipol as our connecting flight was 20 minutes late.  On the long haul flight levels of emf were low apart from during take off and landing when signalling between the plane and control towers sent a few reds onto my meter.  Inside airports the levels were not great either.

Flying into Manila was OK until people switched on their phones and again the levels were atrocious.  I put on my hood.  The air hostess commented that she’d been working for twenty seven years but had never seen anyone wearing a silver bobbinet hood before.  She has now.

I wore it as I boarded in Schiphol as phones were on.  The Purser rushed over to assess me, offering me a glass of champagne which I accepted.  Even the pilot came down to take a look at me a minute later.  Preferring to keep his distance, we looked at each other as I sipped my champagne.  He decided that whatever this lunatic was wearing would not disrupt the flight and he returned to his cockpit!

One other passenger asked me what it was, saying he thought it must be mosquito protection.  When I told him it lowered emf penetration into my head, he said ‘very interesting.’

Thanks to the hood which I wore most of the night, I slept restfully and felt less lagged than normal.  Still it was a long journey of thirty hours door to door and the last three hours through Manila traffic was arduous.  Today we are all feeling fine and I can definitely recommend anyone travelling regularly to consider head protection from mobile phones, masts, and airport security devices.

At Birmingham the Brits all stared, no one daring to say a thing.  That’s Britain for you, totally suppressed and unable to speak.  That’s what’s so nice coming to Asia.  People just ask if they’re curious.  I hope Brits awaken to the health threat this current generation is living with.  If they don’t, the accelerating fall in life expectancy sadly will continue.  If I engage in conversation with a young person all excited about their electro-magnetically polluted world, suggesting the current generation will all die a lot younger as a result or proximity to emfs, the reaction is total silence.  That’s before 5G  arrives which will kill much faster.

It works better over a hat taking the net off your skin or hair.  It works by reflecting the emfs not absorbing them like copper mesh does, as long as it’s earthed.  The noose should be drawn tight round the neck though to stop emfs from getting access to inside the hood.   The head and eyes are especially vulnerable but soo to is the body around the heart and the stomach.   But things like headaches and nose bleeds will reduce, and insomnia or depression.


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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    Where did you get that?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Swiss Tulle in Chard, Somerset. Ask for silver bobbinet – and the hood. They have bed covers like mosquito nets which we use at home. Not cheap but well made and worth every penny. You can reflect cancer causing pulsed microwaves with great effect reducing your daily load dramatically.

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