Spot the narrative flip. ‘Brexit’ is now called ‘No Deal’.

Just as global warming is no longer mentioned after the climate started to cool due to reduced solar activity, and the term used became instead ‘climate change’, so too is ‘Brexit’ now being recast in the media as ‘No Deal’.  Project Fear has moved on from saying that Britain will collapse if Brexit goes ahead, as most people are now used to the term and have no angst about it.  The term now being used, is that Britain will collapse if No Deal goes ahead, and Project Fear has a whole new way to try to frighten people.

No Deal means no such thing.

All No Deal means is that the EU will not be permitted to dictate the terms of Britain’s relationship to the EU under the so-called Withdrawal Agreement, which was also not an honest term.  Withdrawal, as described in the Agreement, meant never actually leaving.  No Deal means start again.  That is all.

So don’t panic when the media fills with stories all over again of the terrible consequences if and when we go free.  Fight for your freedom – in your mind first, and then in your spoken words and deeds.  That’s where freedom comes from, you and your own thoughts, and a determination not to be browbeaten.  Fear is our enemies’ game.  People are becoming wise to it.

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Keep your enemies close, not on the backbenches –

But that much we’ve known for months. What Hammond’s speech and Stewart’s elimination also do is offer a hint at what a Johnson Parliament might look like. Because it isn’t entirely truthful to say the parliamentary arithmetic won’t change.

If Johnson does, as rumours suggest, bring hardline figures such as Steve Baker into his government, that might rein in some of the more recalcitrant Brexiteers.

But he will also have chucked a host of new enemies onto the backbenches – the Chancellor included – who will suddenly be free to rebel and who, if Stewart sticks to his word and doesn’t serve under Johnson, will have a new figurehead to rally round.

– But not that close –

Meanwhile, the new Brexiteers in the Cabinet will be a tripmine waiting to go off the moment Johnson fails to deliver on his (wobbly) promise of exiting on October 31, come hell or high water.

Even if he hardened in power and decided to go for no deal, Johnson’s government would still disintegrate. He has the support of some Remainers simply because they think him the only candidate both capable of and likely to pivot to a second referendum.

So no, the numbers in Parliament won’t actually be unchanged. But that will make the Commons more, not less, volatile under a Prime Minister Johnson.

Farage – ‘the only electoral deal is NO DEAL’

While Boris Johnson is saying that he would go ‘no deal’ with the EU on October 31st if he is not happy with the terms of yet another Withdrawal negotiation,  Farage is much clearer on what will happen.  All talk of electoral pacts with The Brexit Party will be off unless the pact is based solely on NO DEAL.  In other words, the Conservatives will not be able to parley with him unless BJ manages to persuade his party to swing the NO DEAL way.    Which seems as likely as your favourite cliche for unlikely events.

Mirror writes –

Mr Johnson is now the hardest Brexiteer candidate after rival Dominic Raab was knocked out of the race.

That means he could afford to soften his position without losing major support.

Last night on a BBC TV debate, Mr Johnson refused to guarantee the UK will leave the EU on October 31.

Instead he said it was “eminently feasible”.

Mr Farage said: “If Boris said ‘right, we’re ditching this terrible treaty, it’s the worst deal in history, I made a terrible mistake in voting for it, we’re ditching it’.

“‘We’re giving Europe notice – we’re leaving on the 31st of October on WTO (World Trade Organisation) terms. We’re going to do our utmost to make sure that in terms of terms of aviation, transport, the Port of Dover there is as little disruption as there possibly can be’ – then you might spring them into action and they might offer some sort of tariff-free deal.

“And if Boris did that, and he was prepared to go to House of Commons to be voted down, to lose a motion of confidence, to go the country on a general election on that ticket and with the support of people of like me – he would win a massive, thumping majority.”

He was then asked by the paper to reiterate his support for a pact contingent on going to the polls.

“If he was prepared to do that of course I’d want to work with them, of course I’d do that,” he replied.


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  1. Protestant says:

    The Illuminati Globalist goal for Britain is to make a Muslim Prime Minister, and put an African on the throne, before the elites sneak off to their hideout country of “Andinia” in Patagonia, to watch WW3 from the comfort and safety of their vast estates, purchased long ago. Even Marxist Merkel bought one there not far from the George Bush family’s. Slowly the pieces are being moved into position, unlikely as it seems.

    Treason May placed a Pakistani Muslim in the Home Office, ready to step into the PM office in case of “emergency”. Boris stood down as London Mayor to allow the Pakistani Muslim Khan to take his place. And every step of advancement in Javid’s career has been by an Indigenous Brit standing aside to let him replace them.

    My guess is that they will let Boris be PM for a while, stage-managed to make a pig’s ear of Brexit, then allow the Muslim to step in, backed by Nigel Farage, who was previously “grooming” Muslim Trojan Horse Kassam to replace him as UKIP leader, backed by Aaron Banks. When that didn’t work out, they shifted to destroying UKIP and setting up the Brexit Party, whose electoral might will be used to shoehorn a Muslim into No. 10.

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