The child abuse enquiries get nowhere.  The paedophile rings remain untouched.  Yet child abuse is the basis on which the world’s legal/political systems, and religions operate.  Since Roman times, when castration was made illegal and the appointment of eunuchs was no longer possible.  The loyalty of the eunuch was replaced with the corruption of the paedophile.  This is why we must get out of the EU.  This is how truly awful the Westminster system of government truly is.  Only outside the EU do we stand a chance.

EU Making Paedophilia Legal Across Europe

(PICTURE – The Palais De Justice in Brussels where there is a monument to all the missing children of Belgium. See later in post)

The German Government is promoting sexual contact between parents and children.

If you cannot imagine this is true, you have to read the leaflet shown in Germany and EU to Legalise Paedophilia. The leaflet is a publication of a German Government Children’s Department, which is distributed by the million, free of charge.

EXTRACT from the link –

Canadian author and public speaker Michael O’Brien … spoke to LifeSiteNews.com as follows -…

It is, he said, “State-encouraged incest, which in most civilized societies is a crime.”

The pamphlet advises parents to permit young children “unlimited masturbation” except where physical injury becomes apparent. It advises: “Children should learn that there is no such thing as shameful parts of the body. The body is a home, which you should be proud of.” For ages 4-6, the booklet recommends teaching children the movements of copulation.

Another product of the BZgA is a song book aimed at children of four and slightly older which includes several songs espousing masturbation. The song-book entitled “Nose, belly and bum” includes one song with the following lyrics: “When I touch my body, I discover what I have. I have a vagina, because I am a girl. Vagina is not only for peeing. When I touch it, I feel a pleasant tingle.”

Millions of these leaflets are handed out free in Germany every year, so Germans cannot plead ignorance of what their government is doing.

It gets worse..

“Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex,” reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds.

There seems to be something going wrong with all aspects of children and sex across the EU. Whatever happened to the child’s right to innocence? Why are governments so keen to hasten the introduction of babies to sexual experience?

Is there any need to guess the reason ?

Paedophiles operate unchecked in many countries across Europe, places like Brussels and Portugal. Remember Madeleine McCann where they accused the parents, when Madeleine had been targeted and kidnapped by a gang to the order of a paedophile client. The truth will never be allowed to ‘come out’.

In the Nederlands too, there are signs that paedophilia is now an activity openly approved of by the Judiciary. A political party was formed to promote paedophilia as a natural freedom. Another group ‘No Kidding’ brought a case to have the party’s campaigning banned. The judge, however, held that a paedophile-promoting political party was good for Dutch democracy. See this article from 2006 which tells the story.

It seems that paedophiles are starting to control the political agendas in Europe (See the German Green Party below), from control of law enforcement, the agenda of sex education, and to succeed with their most earnest desire of all, that is to get hold of and use state power to get access to victims.

Perhaps the German Government would like to read The Victims’ Story.

All those who want Brussels to rule their lives, might, for example, like to see how Brussels avoids prosecuting known paedophiles and murderers to protect the powerful. See HERE.

It seems that the motivation to get power in Europe is driven in large part by paedophiles, who have gradually worked their way into powerful positions, partly or even largely out of sexual desire for children. Through the EU they now have the ability to override all the defences that would otherwise be placed in the paedophiles’ way.

Lisbon Treaty anyone ? Welcome to body-play for 3 year olds..


EU regulations are demanding the creation of national databases of all children, so that they can be better ‘looked after’ by government. Here is an article on the British child database which is secretly created from your child’s school records and from your child’s medical records. That friendly health visitor who calls at your home is required to log the details of (usually) her visit into a database, which even she maybe doesn’t realise potentially has other purposes, once the information is in the hands of others.

The EU is also setting up a bureau for the alleged 116000 children who go missing in the EU every year, all very laudable to try and find them, I would agree – except – the bureau is in fact called ‘the missing and sexually exploited children bureau’, with a remit to intervene in any situation where allegations are made by one citizen on another, so the children to be ‘found’ or apprehended don’t even need to be missing.

This gives the paedophiles the power they seek to take children away from their families, based on mere allegation. These are the same governments who are legalising and encouraging paedophilia, and who do nothing to apprehend known paedophile traffickers and purveyors of child sex.

In future, the bureaucracy with the power to take your kids away from you, is run not from some agency managed locally which might possibly be negotiable to common sense, but from the European centre of child prostitution and abduction, Brussels itself. There are now even targets set as to the number of children which must be taken away from their families, at national and regional level by child regulatory bodies.

As for Brussels where all this supposedly benign interest in taking children away from their families originates, take this, for example, lifted from a tourist website of Brussels

The law courts were constructed in the late 1800’s. The building dwarfs all the surrounding structures and was built with a multitude of architectural styles. It was built on the site of the former town gallows. It also contains a memorial to the missing children of Belgium, which can’t help but give you the shivers, especially if you are a parent.

Here are the pictures of the missing children of Brussels at the shrine maintained outside the Palais De Justice, the place where children never receive anything remotely close to justice, but merely a blank wall, as the paedophiles, who have derived their power from the EU, indulge their desires unchecked by the law.

There always seem to be quite a number of missing children in Brussels, from my own experience of working there in the past. Many signs are put up at tram stops across the city, like missing cats and dogs in Britain. They seem younger than the missing children notices you see in the US, who are often runaways.

This is a child sex industry operating unchecked by the courts or the police, protected at the highest levels of government. In Belgium, gangs have been known to pull babies out of strollers while their screaming mothers look on, the kids never to be seen again.

It gives you some idea what the EU are really trying to export around the EU.

They don’t hide their programmes. People know of famous cases such as Marc Dutroux and Marilyn McCann but people are not yet adding two and two together and realising that paedophilia in the EU is no longer a crime, but exactly as the leaflet says, not only a permitted activity, but an obligation, approved by judges and politicians alike.

As is explained below, paedophilia is even approved now and made legal in the Lisbon Treaty.

EXTRACT from ‘Missing Children Europe’ Website –

Missing Children Europe is in fact called the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children.

As an umbrella organization, it represents 23 Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) active in 16 Member States of the European Union.

Each of these organizations is active in preventing child abductions and exploitation and in supporting victims at grassroots level.

(why does it need a large European bureaucracy to run child abuse across the whole of Europe? This should be a local issue only. There is known to be a significant threat of abuse from government and state officials and employees to the children they claim to be protecting, as victims who talk later in life know only too well)

NB Missing Children Europe is able to investigate when any citizen makes allegations of child abuse against another.  The children don’t even need to be missing, before the state has the power to intervene, remove the child and carry out investigations.  The missing children don’t even need to be missing.

For further information, please contact: Francis Herbert; Secretary General, Missing Children Europe Tel: +32 2 475 44 49; francis.herbert@missingchildreneurope.eu Delphine Moralis, Deputy Secretary, General Missing Children Europe Tel: +32 2 475 44 28; delphine.moralis@missingchildreneurope.eu More information is available on www.missingchildreneurope.eu

And here you can read all about Britain’s own national children’s database, where information about your chidren is secretly accumulated by government officials, the teachers and health workers who you trust. HERE.


From Belgium, the King denies attending paedophile parties HERE

Including MEPs from the European Parliament in Brussels. Take a look at the background of Danny Cohn Bendit MEP, the co-President of the Greens and the EFA.

While Fischer was more concerned with demonstrations, Cohn-Bendit worked in the Karl-Marx-Buchhandlung bookshop and ran a kindergarten (of children between five and eight years’ old). Later in 2001 he was accused of paedophilia.

This accusation was grounded on the following citation from his 1975 book Le Grand Bazar, [1]: “On several occasions certain kids would open my fly and start to stroke me. I reacted differently according to circumstances, but their desire posed a problem for me. I asked them: ‘Why don’t you play together? Why have you chosen me, and not the other kids?’ But if they insisted, I caressed them still.[2]”

On the 31 January 2001 in the Berlin newspaper [3] published open letter to Cohn-Bendit from the former German Foreign Minister, Klaus Kinkel, demanding Cohn-Bendit clarify whether there was actual physical contact with the children. The Berliner Zeitung published Cohn-Bendit’s response. He said that he was “not aware of the problem” (“das Problem nicht bewusst”). “We tried,” …”a collective discourse of a new sexual morality yet to be defined”( “in einem kollektiven Diskurs eine neue Sexualmoral zu definieren”).

The reported sex scenes, were a “me-oriented self-reflection” (“ich-bezogene Selbstreflexion”). Cohn-Bendit, did not say there was no sexual contact with children. When interviewed on the 28 January 2001 by The Observer[4] Cohn-Bendit told the journalist, “I admit that what I wrote is unacceptable nowadays.”

In the 1980s the Greens experimented with various policies which would decriminalise sex with children. At its national conference in Lüdenscheid (March 1985) the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia called for “nonviolent sexuality” between children and adults never to be subject to criminal prosecution. In 1987 the policy was “When young people have the desire for older peers outside the family, prevented either because their homosexuality is not accepted by their parents, or because they have paedophile inclinations, be it for other reasons, they must be given the opportunity to do so.” [5].

How Are They Legalising Paedophilia?

The answer is that a very subtle change to the text of Article 21 of the Lisbon Treaty is enough.

This Article covers ‘discrimination against sexual orientations’, making it impermissible. In all Treaties prior to Lisbon,there was the same ‘non-discrimination against sexual orientation’ Article, but there was also a Protocol expressly excluding paedophilia from the list of sexual orientations.

In the Lisbon Treaty the Protocol is missing.

This will enable paedophiles to claim that their sexual orientation is now to be seen as permissible.

Watch a video explaining this device, and how it makes the Lisbon Treaty into a Paedophile’s Charter. (I don’t agree with the anti-Moslem section at the end of it)

AND FINALLY – It might not only be children who are victims of unstoppable state power. The old also might find themselves under pressure from euthanasia programmes. See HERE.

People simply haven’t taken on board how life will never be the same once they have signed their lives and their childrens’ lives away to the European Union. The consequences are so shocking as regards paedophilia being a primary part of the EU’s programme that most people simply are not able to take it in, or even believe it. That, of course, is why they are getting away with it.


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