Plans for a hung parliament to deliver Brexit.

Exclusive: Conservative donors open secret talks with Nigel Farage on general election pact to save Brexit |

Conservative Party donors have opened secret talks with Nigel Farage about an electoral pact which would see the party not stand candidates against the Brexit Party in dozens of seats at a snap general election.

Speculation is growing that the next Tory leader will have to call a snap election to bring in new MPs who will agree to take the UK out of the European Union by the end of October.

A new poll in the Sunday Times put Mr Farage’s Brexit Party in first place on 24 per cent, three points ahead of the Tories and Labour on 21 per cent.

What’s with the Rory Stuart surge?

The Guardian explains Boris Johnson’s appeal in the current moment to Conservative MPs.

Fear is the key to understanding why, fear most of all of Nigel Farage. This is the single most important factor propelling Boris Johnson towards Number 10. The leader of the Brexit party is not on the ballot paper, but he is the most influential personality in this contest. He is a giant magnet attracting clouds of iron filings in the direction of the former foreign secretary. By far and away his biggest-selling proposition to Tory MPs terrified of losing their seats is that he is the only one of them with the force of personality to stand any chance of suffocating the Brexit party and defeating Labour.


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