5 Responses to “Peterborough postal vote fraud suggestions.”

  1. Protestant says:

    Not many people realise that Britain is the only country in the entire world that allows the citizens of over 90 foreign countries to vote in its elections! Even without the EU voters, any citizen of the 54 mostly Third World Commonwealth countries can vote in British elections by postal ballot. All they need is an address in Britain, easily obtained from relatives or friends or political activists here.
    Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch has been battling valiantly for decades to get the ludicrous Commonwealth Voting Rights abolished. Better yet, the Commonwealth itself should be abolished as the last vestige of Empire. Until that day, all our votes are just a travesty of democracy, easily swamped by postal ballots from places like Nigeria, Pakistan & everywhere else.

  2. kendrickdm says:

    Even under UKIP we had pontification about postal fraud, the only problem is that because we cannot trust our own Electoral Commission to police the system, or the Police for that matter we have to get an outside body such as ODHIR to monitor all our elections, including the leaflets. Our system is post facto and the other party must complain and take to court one side without expert help and the required up to several hundred thousand pounds per offence in fees and costs. Even if they do and succeed, it matters not since a political party can just stand again with another candidate. Electoral reform must be the number 1 Brexit manifesto item, or its all off.

    You cant have Brexit without Electoral reform so it has to go into the manifesto and not just be a topic on LBC. And to have electoal reform, those that propose it, must be prepared to never see power again, that is under PR, one year terms, single year candidacy, rotas for the top roles, random candidacy option instead of vote spoiling or Ron and restricted voting to polling stations with ID. With much else which is required to become a Democracy, not one in name only.

    • Protestant says:

      Wow, talk about ignoring the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! The British people will never regain their democracy unless they ABOLISH COMMONWEALTH VOTING RIGHTS. Like every other nation on earth, ONLY BRITISH CITIZENS must have the right to vote in British elections. How hard is that to understand? How unreasonable or unfair is that?

  3. Tom74 says:

    Does Farage ever suggest there has been voting fraud when he wins? Just asking. Surely the ballot fraudsters would have got to work in 2016 were they active.

    • Protestant says:

      The fraudsters were certainly at work in Bristol in 2010, when Labour’s Kerry McCarthy announced her victory a full TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE ELECTION! She admitted she had been given illegal access to the postal vote count, and so was able to confidently announce her victory before the voters in Bristol had even gone to the polls.
      In addition to a journalist for “The Independent” being beaten up by a Muslim gang in Tower Hamlets for asking why 18 Muslims from Pakistan were registered to vote at a single ONE-BEDROOM FLAT, there were widespread reports of Labour activists being sent to give out postal ballots in Nigeria, Pakistan & India, while postal ballots of Armed Forces personnel serving overseas were “lost”, blocked and otherwise interfered with to discount them.
      Until Britain follows the recommendation of Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch, who has been battling valiantly for decades to get the ludicrous Commonwealth Voting Rights abolished, all our votes are just a travesty of democracy. Better yet, abolish the Commonwealth.

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