Peterborough byelection…. free and fair?

Labour secured approx. 10,000 votes, 4,000 via the ballot box, the remaining 6,000 by postal votes…. which seems strange for a start. May be more people vote by post than I realise.

Where were these 6,000 voters?

On holiday?

From NPP.

Another item emerged on Facebook this morning.

Please read this Facebook post from Alan Roddis “3 people including me burned over a 1000 votes for TBP, and laughed whilst doing it” CC: .

TAP – strange name Roddis. Postal vote scam allegations have more legs.

Hi Lynn and Baz, kindest regards. Apologies for not getting back sooner but I’ve been laid up and unable but almost fine again now.

I hope BRexit are keeping in mind that “it’s not who votes that counts but who counts the votes.”


“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

Ken Livingstone: “If voting decided anything they would make it illegal.”

I’m fairly certain that the result has already been decided ahead of the referendum. My guess is that the vote will be to leave the EU tyranny and this is what TPTB want anyway. Divide and continue to rule so to speak. The EU was always (like Israel) a temporary project and nightmare, to be continued by an even worse project and nightmare. (New World) Order out of EUSSR chaos?

Surely the issue is that the withdrawal process is supposed to comply with British Law.



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  1. Protestant says:

    I read that 70% of the Peterborough Labour votes were from POSTAL BALLOTS! That means electoral fraud, as in Bristol in 2010, when Labour’s incumbent Kerry McCarthy announced her victory a full TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE ELECTION! She admitted she had been given illegal access to the postal vote count, and so was able to confidently announce her victory before any of the voters in Bristol had even gone to the polls. She had spent her time in office mostly helping settle Muslim “refugees” into Bristol council homes instead of local Brits, and of course they were very grateful.
    In addition to a journalist for “The Independent” being beaten up by a Muslim gang in Tower Hamlets for asking why 18 Muslims from Pakistan were registered to vote at a single ONE-BEDROOM FLAT, there were widespread reports of Labour activists being sent to give out postal ballots in Nigeria, Pakistan & India, while postal ballots of Armed Forces personnel serving overseas were “lost”, blocked and otherwise interfered with to discount them. And that is why Labour wasn’t wiped out as expected.
    Until Britain follows the recommendation of Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch, who has been battling valiantly for decades to get the ludicrous Commonwealth Voting Rights abolished, all our votes are just a travesty of democracy.

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