Overrun by liberal bureaucrats, the debasement of our army continues.

It is infuriating and frustrating to watch the slow car crash that the British Political Establishment is driving Brexit into.

The Remainer game plan becomes clearer as more and more Remainers demand a second Referendum.

It is increasingly clear that if the Remainer Parliament is left to itself then it will betray Brexit!  And that it does not care about the views of voters!

Now the only hope for us Leavers to have a proper Brexit is for the English Democrats to win our Judicial Review and therefore to get the High Court to “Declare” that the UK left the EU on the 29th March!

To show how serious this will be, the Government has already deployed their top lawyer, Sir James Eadie QC (who was also their leader in the Gina Miller case!).

It really is NOW OR NEVER so I earnestly appeal to you to get fully behind our legal challenge.

75 Years on: Remembering D-Day

75 years on, we remember those young Englishmen that left their towns, villages and cities to brave the bombs and bullets on the blood-soaked beaches of Normandy.

On this historical day, it is important that English patriots ask themselves: did our ancestors die for an England swamped by mass immigration? an England under the thumb of a European super-state? An England where patriotism is mocked, demonised and criminalised? An England where we, the indigenous peoples, are rendered a minority in our own country? This England, our England, is our only home. Join the English Democrats and help in the struggle to restore her to her past greatness!

British Army: ‘Patriotism’ Could Be Sign of Extremism

Overrun by liberal bureaucrats, the debasement of our army continues. This is what our once proud and mighty army has been reduced to:

According to a leaked document from the British army, soldiers who describe themselves as “patriots” could be right-wing extremists. Patriots are not welcome in the new progressive British Army. On the other hand, Muslims, LGBT activists and those will mental illnesses will be fast-tracked up the ladder as the latest Army promo videos make clear.



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