Opposition Day Brexit motion. Labour fear of Brexiteers saved the day.

The ten Conservative MPs who voted with Labour were:

  • Guto Bebb.
  • Ken Clarke.
  • Jonathan Djanogly.
  • Justine Greening.
  • Dominic Grieve.
  • Sam Gyimah.
  • Phillip Lee.
  • Oliver Letwin.
  • Antoinette Sandbach.
  • Caroline Spelman.

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LABOUR MPs who supported the Conservatives.  Some notable Brexiteers like Stringer, Mann and Hoey.

  • Kevin Barron.
  • Ronnie Campbell.
  • Jim Fitzpatrick.
  • Caroline Flint.
  • Stephen Hepburn.
  • Kate Hoey.
  • John Mann.
  • Graham Stringer.

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Early days, but Dominic Walsh’s take looks on the money.

Additionally, one of the questions posed by the European election results is: what effect will they have on Labour MPs in seats that voted for Brexit in 2016?

If large numbers of Labour abstentions on this motion are identified, we may began to have an answer.


Commons flop | Labour’s cross-party efforts to block no deal came to nought. Eight of the party’s MPs rebelled to vote against the plan and 13 abstained, killing the plan despite enough Tory rebels backing it. Why, when the party is so against no deal? The answer, as Stephen Bush writes, is that, just as in January, a no deal Brexit is still a few months away and MPs believe they will have another chance. Why act now, and be seen as a Brexit wrecker, before the new PM has even been given a chance?

Of course, that belief in future opportunities may well be misplaced. There may not be any more votes in Parliament to hijack, especially if the new PM opts for prorogation. The failure also raises the stakes on the method of last resort for Tory MPs – toppling their own government. Dominic Grieve pledged to do just that yesterday, and he would need barely a handful of colleagues to join him to succeed.

Whoever the Tories pick as the next PM, they will have to deal with Parliament somehow. Come October, yesterday’s failed vote might come to be seen as far more significant than today’s leadership one.


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