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A glance at Britain’s tattered parliamentary democracy quickly reveals one thing: MPs are too insulated from the grassroots. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the Conservative Party, but things are changing.

Leave.EU’s deselection campaign has been a phenomenal success, dispatching Remain fanatics Dominic Grieve and Phillip Lee through general meetings of their forgotten local associations. Meanwhile, Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen all jumped into the rapidly collapsing Change UK hellscape over the likelihood of their deselection.

Click here for a refresher on how to deselect your pro-Remain Conservative MP.

“This is about pressure, it’s about pressure on MPs to fulfil their commitment,” said Arron Banks in a Radio 4 report on our deselection campaign.

“You’ve got the Brexit Party on the one hand, which is putting huge electoral pressure on the Conservative party, and at the other end of the spectrum, we’ve recruited probably 25,000 people into the Tory Party.”

In the context of the Tory leadership contest, Leave.EU’s chairman makes an important point. Just over a third of Boris Johnson’s declared supporters are anti-Brexit. They include the likes of Damian Collins who has abused his status to wage war against our campaign in a disgraceful attempt to recast the will of the 17.4m people as an exploitative Kremlin conspiracy.

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Even accounting for family loyalty, it’s astonishing that Boris’s brother Jo, who quit the government to back a second referendum, is in his camp.

More hardcore Europhiles will back Boris as the numbers whittle down and his passage to Downing Street becomes even more inevitable. They will angle after top jobs in government and need to be put under the most intense scrutiny by the grassroots.

According to polling by ComRes and analysis by Electoral Calculus, the Conservatives would win 395 seats if Boris Johnson became leader. Read more at Westmonster.
Earlier this week, ten Tory MPs voted in favour of a Labour motionintended, yet again, to take No Deal off the table.

Which brings us back to deselection and applying pressure. If Conservative MPs are made to think twice about acting against the 2017 manifesto and the 2016 EU referendum, the government will be rattled. The next prime minister will be obliged to reject Theresa May’s poisonous treaty and any half-baked rehash of it.

Both Grieve and Lee have been issued their marching orders over the past two weeks. Hilariously, Lee has reacted by accusing Leave.EU of entryism while in the same breath trying to recruit fellow Europhiles to the Conservatives.

Even with May now effectively gone and a Brexiteer set to finally occupy Number 10, our deselection campaign is gathering speed, and so it should. Trust in Westminster is at an all time low, which partly explains the tremendous rise of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

All MPs who campaigned to Remain in 2016 should be fearful, even some of those who didn’t. Lest we forget, the two Brexiteers in the leadership race, Boris and Dominic Raab, both voted for May’s unacceptable deal on the third and final occasion.

At a special general meeting on 28 June, a no confidence motion will be held against David Gauke in South West Hertfordshire after enraged local activists gathered enough signatures for deselection. Conservative Party HQ will be going into meltdown. Gauke will be the first cabinet minister to be put in the dock by party activists.

A leaked EU document seen by the Sun reveals plans for a technological solution to the Irish border that would negate the need for the backstop. Read our take here.
Gauke won’t be the last. We’re also closing in on business secretary Greg Clark (Tunbridge Wells). Second referendum loser Sam Gyimah (East Surrey) is on the verge of a potentially career-ending general meeting too. If you’re a Conservative Party member in these constituencies or another represented by an EU quisling, get in touch with our team by filling out the form via this link:

We are entering a momentous period in British politics. National democracy is slowly being restored by grassroots activism. Our deselection campaign is waking up a political class still in denial over the 2016 referendum. We therefore urge you to support our campaign, get involved with deselection, and make a difference.

In economic news: Britain beats the rest of Europe for investment, boasting more new projects than any other nation. As soon as Brexit is behind us, and the uncertainty dealt with, the economy is poised for an even bigger investment bonanza from global businesses. Employment and wage rates continue to rise. Shoppers will benefit from an escalating price war between the low-cost supermarkets and the established chains, meanwhile Britain has renewed its trade pact with South Korea.

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