John Bolton and the Gulf tanker explosions.

At 8 minutes, the Gulf tanker explosions are discussed.   Who perpetrated them?  John Bolton, trying to ignite global conflict. Search for PNAC – rebuilding America’s defences…advocating full spectrum global military dominance.  He got Bush to invade Iraq in 2003, and persuaded Blair and Campbell to produce the Dodgy Dossier.  Here he is again trying to start global conflict on behalf of his beloved Israel.  Iran is one of the few remaining countries outside the control of the globalists and fractional reserve banking, which is why Bolton wants them attacked.

Tory Party leadership pantomime.  Watch today’s UK Column News.  Boris signed up to EU military unification.  As did Hunt.  Neither has any intention of a full Brexit.



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    With everything going on with Iran, I found this interesting:

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