GDST not acknowledging standards set by The Council Of Europe to reduce/eliminate wifi in schools.

Hi ****,

I believe the position being taken by the GDST is entirely untenable as regards protecting children and staff at **** from the effects of wifi and emfs in the school.  Should a child develop cancer as a result of no improvements being made to your current outputs, the GDST should be held legally and morally liable for doing nothing despite all the warnings.
The Council Of Europe has set a standard for wifi and other emfs in schools, which the GDST seems to be unaware of.

3. Wireless transmitters are becoming more powerful

The Council of Europe warns about installing routers in schools and recommends a 100 µW/m² precautionary level in classrooms [7]. When a Wi-Fi router is installed in a classroom these levels can reach 30.000 µW/m² (peak value). In many schools, Wi-Fi routers are attached to the ceiling of the classroom. This may be particularly risky, because the router uses microwave radiation to transmit its device ID continuously, even when there is not a single wireless device connected to it. Often the router is rather close to children’s and teachers’ heads [8] and these signals enter one’s body as they travel through walls, ceilings and floors.

Please will you let me know why the GDST is not willing to look into these matters any further when there are recommended levels which are clearly not being adhered to by ****.  And why are you ignoring the recommendations of the Council Of Europe or even looking into them?  The consequences of your inaction are potentially of extreme seriousness, and you must take action now before any cancer cases start occurring in the school.  Lesser health effects are likely already happening.

You should also be monitoring the output of the beacons that affect the school on a daily basis.  The operators of these beacons should be told to reduce their signal strength as they are broadcasting unacceptable levels of radiation into the school.  If this approach fails, barriers using earthed copper or stainless steel mesh should be being installed as soon as possible.  These are not expensive to do and simply need a tiny amount of imagination.

The one thing you cannot afford to do is nothing.

Your reputation and the survival of many young lives rests in your hands.  The most important part of any Head Teacher’s job is to ensure the survival of the children.

Please will you attend to this matter as a matter of urgency.


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