first come – first served.

“Come the World against Her,

England yet shall Stand!”


Henry, being English today is becoming more and more difficult as anyone who voices pride in our flag, patron saint, history or even sport is immediately classed as a ‘Racist’ or some kind extremist! Well, I am bloody sick of it!!

So, to shove my two ENGLISH fingers up to the anti-English bigots who hate everything English I am giving away Free English Patriot Badges, all you pay is the P+P! I want YOU to wear the cross of St George or Lions on your lapel to show the world that…‘WE ARE THE ENGLISH’ AND WE BOW TO NO ONE…. EVER!

I have paid for these myself (A privilege) and I only have a few thousand so it’s first come first served and I have limited it to one badge per person/order so more people can take wear OUR colours with PRIDE!

Let us take back and stand up for OUR ENGLAND, a land not give but fought for and won by our glorious ancestors in battles from the mists of time until today. Many think we English are a spent force, but they make the mistakes many others before them have made.

Most forget one thing: We are the ENGLISH and united we are unbeatable, unconquerable and even at half power, we are twice the force of anyone else is…PERIOD!

Do not let the ‘haters’ win. If the Scots can be Scots and the Welsh be Welsh, SURELY we English MUST be allowed and respected for being ENGLISH AND PROUD…I am!

Get your badge HERE and please Henry, SHARE this to any other True English Patriot you know!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats

General Enquires: 0207 242 1066

Press Enquires: 01293 873 894



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