Conservatives rally round a load of Bollox.

As Foreign Secretary Johnson was a military sock puppet, praising the White Helmets who carried out false flag poisoning of Syrians.  He’s certainly attempting a serious polishing of his image right now before assuming the mantle of Prime Minister.  In politics you have to choose from the choices you have not the choices you wish you had.  He’s promising a No Deal Brexit.   He would not have the leadership coming his way without all the Brexiteers on board.  But is he playing another con, and once safely in position, will he renege?  Farage will be breathing down his neck hard.  It would be the end of the Tories if he does.  Is that the outcome the manipulators behind the scenes desire?   A permanently hung parliament unable to get out of the EU in perpetuity.  Probably.  There is apparently no other option but to try this last attempt at a Conservative-led Brexit.

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Fear is the key to understanding why, fear most of all of Nigel Farage. This is the single most important factor propelling Boris Johnson towards Number 10. The leader of the Brexit party is not on the ballot paper, but he is the most influential personality in this contest. He is a giant magnet attracting clouds of iron filings in the direction of the former foreign secretary. By far and away his biggest-selling proposition to Tory MPs terrified of losing their seats is that he is the only one of them with the force of personality to stand any chance of suffocating the Brexit party and defeating Labour.


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