Conservative MP publicly acknowledges Tilbrook’s writ that we left EU in March.

2 Court cases arguing the UK has already left the EU

Some correspondents want to know why we learn nothing about these cases. As far as I can see it is because their sponsors are not writing or talking about them, so we do not know where they have reached and what is happening. On this occasion it does not appear to be a media inspired news blackout as some fear.

TAP – Tilbrook’s barred on Facebook.  No mainstream newspaper has carried the story.  Come on John.  Get up to speed.  He’s the Chairman of the English Democrats which perhaps ought to be mentioned also!

I checked with Mr Robin Tilbrook’s website yesterday, as he brought the first case. His  last blog post I could see about the court case was 14 May when he attacked Bill Cash and Nigel Farage but did not bring us up to date on how well his case is progressing. Maybe his lawyers are telling him not to tell the rest of us about it.

TAP – Tilbrook emails people if you register, but how else can he communicate as he’s blocked.

Nor have I seen any news on the Barry Legg case. I would be happy to comment here if news is released that we are allowed to talk about. Both cases I believe argue that Mrs May’s two delays were not legal in EU/UK law, though they are clearly being regarded as such by the government.

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The Conservative leadership election.

As I expected there was Boris and the rest.  I voted for Boris as I agreed with his clear statements that we have to leave by October 31st, and that failure to quit would be deeply damaging to our democracy and to the Conservative party. Next week will be about deciding who should go forward to challenge Boris, who commanded enough votes in the first round to secure one of the last two places, assuming all his voters stick with him which is likely.

It is difficult to see Rory Stewart, Matt Hancock or Sajid Javid staying in  contention. Dom Raab’s votes are likely to drift away to Boris as the Get out candidate who can win. I expect Jeremy Hunt will extend his lead over Michael Gove and stay in second place. Michael Gove is trying to sell himself as another Leave candidate, but he was one of the most insistent advocates of the Withdrawal Treaty which was the opposite of leaving, and now says if necessary we should delay our exit beyond October 31. None of the candidates who rule out No deal Brexit have explained why the EU should negotiate a revised Withdrawal treaty, nor how they could negotiate anything without the leverage of just going if necessary.


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  1. Protestant says:

    John Redwood is right about the frustrating lack of information about Robin Tilbrook’s court case, even on his own blog and on the English Democrats website. Nobody seems to be able to answer my question: Can the courts deliberately delay any case for as long as they like, or are there time limits?

    Robin Tilbrook originally said his case would be heard in June, but so far no news at all of any date. Can the courts delay it until after Treason May’s bogus Oct 31st “extension”? Or until next Christmas? Or next year? Please can someone answer my question, if possible.
    I don’t understand how they could arrest, try and throw Tommy Robinson into prison for investigative journalism, all within 6 hours, but somehow they can stall any other case as long as they like.

  2. Tapestry says:

    John Redwood could always give him a call. There is a phone number appears in the ED website. Clearly there might be risks in doing that in person, but JR could get someone to do it on his behalf. Pushing the court case through to fruition could save Boris Johnson an awful lot of trouble. There is no conflict between the EDs and the Conservatives. The St George’s flag is part of the Union Flag and Tilbrook wishes it to stay there. In fact a joining of the two parties, ED and Conservative, would be a most convenient alliance to bypass the Brexit Party which is not going to deliver Brexit, having no ability to get a Commons majority, and no doubt MI5 steering the show from behind the scenes to destroy any Conservative majority.

    Tories should be running to grab Robin Tilbrook’s hand right now, and take on his agenda as regards an English Parliament, celebrating the 12th July and seeking to moderate the problems associated with out of control immigration. Then deliver Brexit and they could possibly win an election.

    I’m sure Robin Tilbrook is available to take a call this weekend. John Redwood having no obvious role to play in the Tory leadership campaign would be a suitable link man. Go on John. Pick up the phone.

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