Bojo or Jezebel?

Olly Connelly discusses Tory leadership pantomime with Robin Horsley and music breaks.  Daily Brexit.

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I wonder why ‘Jezebel’.  ‘Dr Death’ seems more appropriate.  But hey!  The man’s a total tosser dangerous to your life and your wallet, whichever moniker is preferred.  Bumbling Boris is also dangerous but he doesn’t appear quite so determined to kill his fellow men or, at least be in such a hurry to do so.

If he’s gets us out of the EU, many will tolerate a bit of bumble here and there.

Checking into Jezebel/Dr Death’s background, he has two links to the East India Company taking his recurring family middle name Streynsham, and selling opium to China.

That would possibly suggest he has great wealth behind him accumulated over centuries, in trusts no doubt or kept offshore.  He has run ‘businesses’ to create a little bit of visible wealth, but clearly sees himself as entitled to whatever he sees fit.  His wife calls him ‘Big Rice’ allegedly as her mother could not pronounce Jeremy and she found the Chinese words for Big Rice were easier, sounding similar.  They words happen to also mean great wealth.  He is said to be the wealthiest member of the cabinet on the basis of his visible wealth, but even that he seems to have great difficulty declaring, it appears from his Wikipedia record.  Expenses he seems quite capable of claiming, while he decimates the loyalty of junior doctors within the NHS.  After generations of easy plunder, it must be hard for the family to change its ways.


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