Belgian Health Minister says NO to 5G- ‘The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs.’ .

5GE is not 5G.  GE means 5G evolution.  It is not 5G.  It’s advertisers trying to make you familiar with the term 5G, and make it seem like it’s already here.

To make your phone 5G you need an attachment.

Unless you voluntarily sign up to 5G at home, your wifi is not 5G.  They are badged 5Ghz – meaning 5 Gigaherz internet.  This is not 5G.  You can select lower Gigaherz standards from the wifi manager screen.

Brussels has halted 5G due to health effects due to concerns about health effects.  Made by Health Minister Brussels Region.  She says,’The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs.’  Israel has also banned 5G.


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