BBC to cancel Dad’s Army repeats as they make voters pro-Brexit!

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At around 45 minutes,  BBC considering axing Dad’s Army repeats as they make people more likely to be Pro-Brexit.

Brexit? It’s all Dad’s Army’s fault


There may be many factors behind the Brexit vote and subsequent  political fiasco – but one TV producer has blamed one unlikely source for the mess we’re in: Dad’s Army.

Daisy Goodwin, who created  the ITV drama Victoria, says the BBC’s constant repeats of the much-loved sitcom promote an unrealistic national image.

And she wants the reruns banned in the name of maintaining the Corporation’s impartiality.

Writing in the Radio Times, she said the comedy was more influential in shaping attitudes than political programmes such as Newsnight, as it attracts larger audiences.

‘If you really want to nail the BBC for influencing the nation’s state of mind about Brexit, you might look at how often Dad’s Army has been shown on BBC Two,’ she said.

‘The BBC, if it wants to maintain its claim to impartiality, needs to retire the Home Guard (or send them on leave), because in the words of Private Frazer, “We are all doomed!”

‘Forget Game of Thrones, Dad’s Army is the show that is embedded in this country’s imagination. The world of Dad’s Army is a comforting place…  and it’s soothing to those of us who worry about the effects of a No Deal Brexit.



3 Responses to “BBC to cancel Dad’s Army repeats as they make voters pro-Brexit!”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Dad’s Army indeed played a significant role in Brexit. Read my autobiography ‘Angels & Devils – My Extraordinary Life’. for print edition now available £11.99 including delivery UK. Other destinations require quotation for delivery cost.

  2. Belyi says:

    When you see what’s going on in the UK and the government’s strenuous efforts (ably supported by the MSM) on the side of Remain, a bit of Brexit propaganda should come as a welcome change.

  3. Derek says:

    Daisy Goodwin is about as connected to public opinion as extinction rebellions co-founder Gail Bradbrook. Total disconnect.

    Dad’s Army is a comedy program about a time when this Nation was brought together as a community (sometimes with devastating results), which are displayed in the characters and their antics. We are laughing at ourselves just as we did with ‘Til Death Us Do Part’ and ‘Yes Minister’. Sadly the latter is too close to reality.

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