Cancer Act 1939 annulled by Common Law Court. Lyn Thyer’s extradition order declared fraudulent.

John Smith guest tonight on Humanity versus Insanity.  Legal expert.  State creates a legal fiction at birth not a living man or woman.

State only deals with the legal fiction.  Under contract law, the fiction is a contract.  Under law there has to be full disclosure.  The government withholds the information so the contract is void.  The courts are acting fraudulently.  You can claim ownership of the legal fiction, not the State.  In his case he insisted in court he was the owner of the name Mr John Smith.

With Lyn Thyers’s extradition, they are using the legal fiction to try to extradite her.  The system of legal fictions was created in 1666.  The State started recording births.  You don’t have to register a birth.  Gypsies don’t register their births, so the State has no jurisdiction over travellers.

Slavery was abolished in theory.  In fact slavery was only disguised.  Courts issue warrants for non-appearance in court if you deny your living fiction, even though you are actually there.

Crane used denial of his legal fiction as his defence against bankruptcy proceedings.  Takes a lot of practice and study to do this.  Courts and Police use a totally different language so you need to work around this language in a common law court.  If they ask your name. tell the register that your appellation can be used or Sir.  Don’t give date of birth, saying it is only hearsay evidence.  When they say Do you understand?   Reply ‘I comprehend but I do not stand under you.’  They either adjourn the case or they close the case using tricks to end the situation they find themselves in.  No reporting of people challenging the legalese system ever occurs.

Courts are business.  The system is fraudulent being used criminally against the people.  The courts are not being held accountable.  A common law court is the people, not run by the state.  Magna Carta is still law to this day.  Statutory legislation is not law, but administrative rules.  Court summonses have corporate authority only.

Common Law is natural law, universal law – applicable to everyone, if they confirm their standing as a living man our woman.  There are people from 59 countries who have established their standing as a living man or woman.  Judges have no authority over a living man or woman.  The legal fiction cannot be used and the authority of the judge is removed.  Trust approach described by Ian.

Lyn Thyer and David Noakes are victims of the fraud.  John Smith convened a common law court and annulled the ruling of Judge Supperstone who agreed to French extradition request without any evidence of her doing anything wrong.  John Smith has obtained the power of attorney for Lyn Thyer.  He has obtained ownership of the legal title for Lyn and showed that the court’s use of Lyn’s legal fiction is fraudulent.

He declares publicly the intention to assemble a common law court.  He assembles a jury.  He did this and presented the case about Lyn.  The jury decided to bar the fraudulent use of the name Lyn Thyer.  The jury adjourned and decided to annul the decision.  They cancelled the 1939 Cancer Act and demanded the removal of Judge Supperstone.  The assets taken away from David and Lyn were ordered to be returned within fourteen days.  He lodged the paperwork to the high court in London, and informed them that their decisions had been annulled.  The High Court would not talk to him, so he contacted the Supreme Court.  Supreme Court asked for additional information – trickery saying he was appealing.  Common Law court is a superior court.  He demanded a hearing to challenge the authority of the CPS.


The High Court won’t talk as they know they are in the wrong.  They know they are committing a fraud on a daily basis.  The people running the system are driven by vested interest, money and they should be removed.  Common Law courts can be summoned to appear before the people, and are a superior court to the corporate courts.  He demands that no further action be taken against Lyn Thyer and David Noakes.

The legal fiction is not attached to her.  It belongs to John Smith.  John Smith needs support.  Contact the Supreme Court.  Ask them when the court hearing will be held to challenge their authority and jurisdiction.  Email given.

It’s time to put the judiciary on notice that they are under observation for their daily frauds.

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